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Demon Hunter
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Other topic filled up but its such fun lets continue!!

No skipping
Try to be constructive to help them improve!
just really high end upgrades, like mempo w/ cc.
conceivably you could craft better stuff it would just take a good schwile
@ sirpoopsalot (hahaha)

good stuff mate, but i'm a little surprised to see a DH without at least a 2 piece nat bonus for the simple 7% cc.

With that said, you still manage to have quite the beast of a DH brewing, well done!
@luula wow what to say 10/10 only thing that seems semi possible would be a crafted shoulder upgrade other than that GG >_<
I like the 1 hand spec your working with :). Im still trying to figure my DH out lol
3/10 for using Andys :)
05/23/2013 06:49 AMPosted by Ragnar
3/10 for using Andys :)

lol 450 million for 4k worth of dps, no thanks!
@chicane... Looks good. Maybe crafting bracers... And I like the look of Andy's ;)

Looks good... only thing i see is getting crit damage maybe a bit higher - possibly gain some in new ammy with higher crit damage.around 90% while trying to keep other stats
@Puddin 6/10 just because I saw that High fire % andys
@ Ochi ---> Amazing gear, even more amazing DPS, wish you had a bit more life. But overall top DH 9.9/10
^ hope that was a joke. RMAH showpony with no decent craftables and newb skills does not amazing make.
I am not rating his gold plated master card. As per my post, I think his gear and dps are well above avg and I based my review on that. If he has bought them all, well thats not my prefrence but to each his own.
Ill go ahead and rate darkwarrior

I like what you did by stacking set bonuses. An effective way to gain dps. Obviously a 2 socket manti would give you a huge upgrade in dps. A good thing is your life pool is decent
Without life gem in helm. You could give the exp gem up for life and sacrifice overall hp for cc cd and as!

But you might just want the faster lvls
@ biocha0s

cant seem to find anywhere to improve - pretty spectacular gear!! like the crafted bracers alot

looks pretty good to me, gem upgrades would help a little bit but not a lot.

crit chance on the right ring would be icing on the cake but still a very nice ring.
@ Cable. Nice weapon choice :). Might wanna look for a little more out of your Ammy in terms of average damage and a little more IAS out of your quiver. It'll help your turrets out. Overall though lookin good!

Very nice DH. Only thing I can say, which you probably already know, upgrade gems, CC mempo, and maybe some more vit on some of the gear while maintaining your DPS.

Not bad. Nat's ring with Crit, Crit Mempo, and a better DML would all be good (and very expensive) upgrades for you. Nice rare shoulders though.

As for me, better shoulders & a crit Mempo.. But besides that?
Here is my Demon Hunter. Do your worst.

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