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Demon Hunter
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You're seriously badass. Paragon 40+ in hardcore in a dh is tough. I'll probably try that one day.

Next person who rates me, try rating Neo's HC DH as well, I feel bad of not knowing how to rate it.

I was actually looking for the barb section but ended up here.. hehe.. anyway..

There's certainly a lot of interesting DH builds around here.. And would be cool to see em in action. I usually do MP8+ so if u wanna farm or anything.. add me up.. :)

Oh and i almost forgot about the rating..

@MutantPotato.. Nice.. I'd say 6/10..
Hi just hit 100 with my monk and now working on my dh
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

I want your boots, gloves, pants, and of course helm. Oh and your Nat's ring. Man! That's some good lookin' equipment.

You've got a nice DH and I'll award you 2 stars and a smiley face.

looks like a disc addict! lol. you should probably change to a nat's helm and you'll be at 79 disc total. on a more serious note, i think you know where the areas of improvement are (judging by your comment above). in addition, i would craft shoulders which can roll much higher dex, i believe the biggest dps brickwall for you will be your choice of weapon. dual wielding looks cool, but at the expense of dps and ehp. you could get a dual soc manti + quiver for a decent price nowadays and it will boost your dps and ehp by a significant margin. in any case, good luck with hunting!
@ isk

Dang, nice calamity. I'm a newer DH so I can't give any advice that would make sense, so suggesting a 300 dex / 10 crit shield wouldn't help right? :-)
@davlok ur DH overall seems balanced but u don't need both hatred and discipline on ur cloak. I persinally feel you need more hp in general.

+4 for having some sick crafts! Lots of magic find too!

8/10 :)

I know people gonna be haten on l4n.
@ VocaloidNyan

first off you have a great DH! I would try to craft a shoulder with more dex on it, you should be able to get one with a little higher. I would lose the added disc on your DML and go with one with higher stats. With the plus 7 disc on your chest and being a legacy nat set i dont think you would need the extra 10 on your DML. If you can try and get the tri-fecta on pieces that dont have it like your ammy. I feel like im being nit picky, but you have a great DH and its hard to find things to really help with = )
I love legacy Nat's fyi, awesome bonus!
Ty nyan <3

Been crafting for ages. One day I crafted nearly 100 ammys in a row. Then I said "lets craft a couple vit ammies for jokes" in my head. What you know...I get a quadfecta (ammy is on my WD)
Then I raged lol

Main reason why I got dis on my quiver cause of punishment rune but I might switch to higher stat dml. Ty for input :)
Can someone please advice on how should I upgrade my demon hunter? I'm really stumped.
You can get more Att Spd from a tri ring. and more HP if you planning to do high MP farming. My toon's not very good either so correct me if I was wrong, people.


Nice set up.. but u could use a bit AR though

Everything need a upgrade, mid level items not that expensive in the AH at the moment, go to grab them:) Overall 6/10
^dude you realize he's using a leg nat's set right? and its a really good one too, considering he's almost outputting 200k dps with it...8/10 at the least tbh

You should probably look into a good nats boot+ring combo for the free 7cc bonus, its pretty hard to pass that up...otherwise 8.5/10 to me
^Dunno what to tell ya to upgrade on HC and on SC your naked. So...uh....Go calamity on HC with ruby? :P
@Batrel- Great Calamity damage without SA and Archery. Obviously EHP isn't great but I won't hold that against ya 9/10.

You got a nice well-balanced DH overall. eHP along with your dps brings you at a good place. Maybe replace dat gem in ur pants to emerald? :)


nice dh. good dps while wearing soj. overall, very balanced in terms of ehp and dps. nice setup with 24% bonus to EA! now you gotta slowly work towards increasing dps while maintaing ehp. 8/10 :)
9.5 on gear, 6/10 on build. Over 3 aps with no vengeance, punishment or a good hatred generator? Seems horribly inefficient to me.. you end up kiting around shooting a lot of bolas, correct?

You'd also gain a ton more edps by replacing rare ring w an SOJ, especially since the ring gives you no ehp. Per d3up, ring contributes 7% DPS, while SOJ will provide you w ~3% total DPS through +ele and RF CC, and up to 30% more DPS against elites.

Profile DH is nekked. Skip or d3p http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/ragnar-1875/Arya/25647597

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