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Thanks, Its extremely hard maybe even impossible to get a trifecta ring with a high avg dmg and high dex. In my case I'm missing the CC. But my bait the trap skill gives me a extra 10% cc which is pretty much always up to boost my cc to around 72% cc which is nearly the cap. But I may look into it more, thanks!

It's clear you got some upgrading to do, maybe should look into getting a nat embrace for the +14% dmg on grenades if you're running that skill build. Get aspd on prowlers. The bow will do for now if you dont have the bankroll. But try aim for one with dex and 85-90% crit dmg and 45% wep dmg and put a ruby/em into it.


Great build for survivability and damage output.. About the only thing I would change is switching to crafted bracers instead of the Lacuni. I had Lacuni with almost the exact same stats and switch to my current bracer (not godly at all) and my DPS increased nearly 9K as well as my eHP due to the extra resist/armor.

With that being said, my recommendation may be a tough pill to swallow as you have already given up Walk speed by using Ice Climbers.

Either way, excellent build mate.
@Semicycle, almost everything top notch, 9/10

I would improve the gloves and the DML
@Login A lot of crafting potential there. Keep crafting till you get the pieces that you are satisfied with. A lot of dps and eHP can be improved through crafting alone. Also, your vit is on low side. 37k is way too low unless you intend to go glass cannon style in which you are not seeing as you have a substantial amount of AR. A lot of minor improvements but you're on the right track. 7/10.

The capped max +movespeed is 25%. I've got currently 24% (12+12). I don't mind giving up 1% move speed for the massive increase in health to be honest.

I will look into dex bracers. As a DH can always do with more health and all res (i've currently got around 350+ giving me around 53% resis with +9% res against cold from the ice climbers). I'm just a bit worried because I really like a high attack speed.

Your build could do with a bit more vit and attack speed.



Decent build. Your next upgrade should be a Manti with 2 sockets with 45%+ wep dmg and dex



The main problem I found with bola/manti combo is that I didnt regen disc fast enough when with max attack bonuses from all gear.Thus, I use Calimity. You could do with more +dmg% on bola on that quiver and more +avg dmg on the rings. But other then that very good.

Very nice Calamity build. 9/10. I do question the need for Iceclimbers though.
very nice manticore build. looks very solid all around. My only suggestion is perhaps trading out the inna belt for a witching hour because i think more crit damage will give more dps than the extra dex and bit of cc.
05/26/2013 09:06 PMPosted by Mojito
The main problem I found with bola/manti combo is that I didnt regen disc fast enough when with max attack bonuses from all gear.Thus, I use Calimity. You could do with more +dmg% on bola on that quiver and more +avg dmg on the rings. But other then that very good.

I have no problem with disc issues as I'm using Bola Bitter pill and I don't have the tendency to spam disc skills out of control as I time my gloom properly and only use vault which I hardly do in most cases as I normally cast guardian sentry, stand and fire away. As for Avg damage rings, I can safely say my rings pretty ok until I'm ready to ditch a few billion on a GG ring with better stats then the one I have. Very expensive upgrade and as for my DML, I haven't found a replacement for it yet. It's always wrong skill or it's overly expensive. So hoping to find one that I like.
@Electroclash 9/10

@bueller646 8/10

I feel rather inferior...

You've got a decent start. I'd give you a 5 out of 10.

The main thing you can do quickly is work on your DEX; none of your gear has über-DEX. [As a comparison, look at my build; nearly every slot has an item with 100+ more DEX.]

Note to whoever rates me: my issue is that I feel like that I have to give up something to improve; any advice on what I should be willing to sacrifice?
hi just built my DH with some of my monk gear to mess around with in mid mps. How'd i do?
@Vanadin 8/10

Currently busy playing other characters, but will go back to DH once in awhile... :)
@keeterton 7.5/ 10 i would suggest getting more vit on your dh.. and i swapped out my monk gears and put it on my dh as well too... enjoy your dh.. just dont get frustrated when you cant kill nearly as fast lol
@KYRACARMEN - Nice equips, looks like your next upgrade is probably a higher damage Calamity, everything looks good though... 9/10
Here is mine wadadalalala
@ Ferinas - nice 10/10.
wow, thats an insane amount of dps!


I'm budget gear, be gentle!
@Chicane, Not bad I like that you broke 50k hp, I do think your AR should be at least 400 if you can manage it you sem to be somewhere around the 220 mark unbuffed. I like seeing DH's with bow's still and I would definitely look into a lower fire dmg % taken on a similar andys. Other than that not bad especially if you were on a low budget :).

considering its a budget gear, its a good basic setup. seems like you have a big budget for gems though. anyway, for now it'll be good to farm the hell out of the lower mps to gain more plvls and hope the rng gods are kind with your loot drops.

once your budget permits, it'll be time for some serious investments in your gear. probably, the first cheap piece to change would be andy's with lower fire dmg taken, or a mempo with high dex/vit for a ehp boost.

gl with farming!
@iskandar 9.7/10

that's pretty sweet gear, what sould I look at to get over 300k dps?

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