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You have no idea what you are talking about and sound like you are 12. Be informed before you post crap.
Man someone has been going crazy with report button lately. The only common thing with every thread or comment is that it says Bliz's name. I mean, is that really ban worthy? How can you talk about a company if you can't even say their name without getting reported. This is their forum after all. You kind of have to say their name every now and again.

Well i dunno if you saw that reveal of the xbox but it looks god aweful heres just a few things.

1. Always online, unless the DEVELOPER of the game opts out in which case once a day minimum for system to run.

2. No used games.... if you wish to let your friend borrow a game, they will have to pay FULL price(you can read this on kotaku destructoid or rev3games(sessler!!), also angry joe did a rant on it.

3. Uses Voice commands to navigate EVERYTHING. Imagine if someone has kids, or lives in an apartment, you are going to be playing games, and the system will just cut on lol

4. Kinect 2.0(comes with system), WILL TRACK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART RATE, EMOTIONS, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE WATCHING A RENTED MOVIE!!!! Yes they are most likely going to force renting a movie based on how many people are in the room :/

I mean the whole thing is just a mess, and that online thing. -_-, that could by negative reactions from the community :P

thats the REAL reason I was asking, just because I think this system will be sooo bad that it will be wiser as a developer to stay FAR FAR AWAY from it :P

Man, did we both watch the same reveal?

1. Always online. You got it backwards. The system will run offline unless the game developer ops into always online.

2. No used will have to pay full price. Microsoft said that they have a plan to allow people to play used games. They have not revealed anything whatsoever about that plan including how much it will cost to play that used game.

3. Voice commands for everything. Not quite true. The xbox uses very specific commands and will only work for the current person online. Also you have to say "Xbox" then the command. How many little kids walk around the living room saying "Xbox" ? you can also disable voice commands and just use your controller as usual if you want.

4. This one, I have no idea where you got this one from. They never said they would charge per person for renting a movie - that is totally absurd!!!! Maybe you have Big Brother syndrome or something. Sounds a bit paranoid to me. Nothing was said about this whatsoever so you are completely speculating.

Next time, do a bit of research and post facts not fiction.

Edit: You do realize that the PC game you are playing is always online right? You also realize that PS4 is capable of being always online right? Sony just hasn't said anything about it yet. Even the Wii U is always online capable so, get used to it or find another hobby.

I see you posted this before E3...

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