what do you die the most from

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Rubberbanding and/or lag.

Sometimes arcane sentries when I'm not really paying attention and they are stacked up in lava pools. And most of the time it's due to rubberbanding or lagging through said sentries.

As for legit deaths, most of those come from being lazy fighting trees and bees.
When I was little, I used to draw comics of two super heroes I called Rubber and Band. They were two giant rubberbands with capes that went on zany adventures. Never did I think they'd become real and threaten to destroy Diablo 3.

*edit: Their arch nemesis was a pile of glue. Maybe if we can find him, he can help us stop all this unecessary D3 death.
I had to think about this a little bit before I answered. I think I die the most from Plagued. It's usually combined with Waller, Arcane Beams, and in a narrow corridor, but that dirty Plagued affix always seems to be involved when I'm taking a dirt nap. This is a fun question, and I'm looking forward to reading more responses.
Arcane beams. Hate 'em with a passion.
arcane sentries. i ate 3 of them at the same time. X_x
Arcane wallers.
Waller Jailer Mortar in any combo, Esp waller with it coming up on your character so it doesnt move. HueHueHueHue because thats an affix thats something you can counter with skill.
According to my backed up screenshots of all my hall of fallen heroes characters, it's a tie between Disconnects (3) and Arcane Sentires (3).
There's these baddies that I've really only seen in Act IV. I forget their name. I encountered an elite group of them...

They were like mortar, but it was just their normal attack ability to call down one big shot of artillery. An elite group of them just keeps bombarding over and over. The hits cover more of the screen than a mortar group.

It wasn't a good fight for me.
Definitely arcane sentry.

But lately since Act 1 opened up, it has been those trees and dark berserkers.
An underestimate in my own strength... reflect damage..
Arcane sentries on all of my characters. I like to play on an MP where I can stand in fire/plagued etc however sometimes if a few sentries are dropped around my feet I get obliterated.
I dont die.. often...ever..at all.
*evil giggles*
happy hunting in-game!
1. Act1 - Grotesques in Weeping Hollow
Especially elite ones

2. Act1 - Savage Beasts in Fields od Misery

3. All acts - Reflect Damage in combination with other sadistic affixes

4. All acts - My cat jumping on me at any moment.
I really like when it accidently presses the enter button and all my skills are suddenly just meanningless chat.
If you want more challenge, I recommend getting a young cat !!

5. Act 2 - VotA - Elite rotators

6. Ubers MP8-MP9
low-fps affix
when a large group of mobs surrounding me and the fps goes down to 8-12 and I pressing the shadow power button rutlessly and its not working.
Ok its just in coop when many effects/calculating takeing power over the servers:D
falling asleep while playing, like wtf?
I never die, just copy my gear.
I afk in pubs... don't die

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