There was an error retrieving licences - 10/16

Technical Support
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ModalNotificationManager::SetOkNotification: There was an error retrieving licenses on this account. (Error 3006)

Worked this morning , i can log in to USA server but not EU

Tried booting all my routers,modem, pc nothing helps
Same problem :( how to get connected ? tryed so many times...
Same problem.
same here.
FINALLY, people are getting this error and reporting it. I"ve had the same thing happen on and off since 1.08. Tech support was of no help. At least now they see people are getting issues.
I just got this error and I'm 1 level away from 100. It was working fine earlier. Just to be sure I changed my password.
same here :(
me 2, wth...
Same problem here. It is sporadic, I got it 3 times in a row. Waited 10 minutes and got in, played for an hour, left game because I was having problem with achievements as well. Started the game back up and now am getting the error retrieving licenses again.
I just spoke with a Game Master and he told the devs are already working on it. Let's hope they solve it quickly.
Same problem here, haven't been able to get on all evening. Can log on to US though.
I got the same issue. Log on ton EU just fine but cannot log on to US because of this reason. Where all the blues?
Strange, I normally log into the Americas and now I cannot due to this error. I can log just fine into Europe however.
i was unable to log on US or EU since 30min , now i can log on EU , but i play on us normally , bug half fixed or being fixed
just got the same and all i did was create a paypal account
How long is this gona take to fix i still cannot log in!!!!

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