Expansion v0.1

General Discussion
New content
- Act V.
- Act I and II from Diablo II.
- Level 80 cap.
- New skills.
- 4th passive skill slot.
- 4th stash tab.
- Ranked PvP.
- W shortcut from Diablo II, two builds.
- Horadric Cube.
- Neutral Passives, passives that works on everyone.

Old content
- Invulnerability when you enter an ally flag, until you move or attack.
- Movement speed buff on already revealed maps, so you can reach other players.
- The bonus XP should be logarithmic the more you have less effective he becomes.
10 magic find = 10% better items.
20 magic find = 18% better items.
300 magic find = 200% better itens.
- Damage from enviroment is now a percentual damage, you won't be killed in one hit, neither does nothing.
- Gold is like Health Globes, is for everyone on the map, and it is shared.
- If gold stack is near another gold stack, they'll sum up.
- Primary attack becomes basic attack - If you are out of resource and use a skill, you´ll use the primary skill.
- Auto-skip cutscenes and dialogues option. From books and info too.
- One follower on multiplayer and two followers in single player mode.

- Elemental damage from weapons.
- Fire damage from environment and enimes.
- All primary skills damage. The problem is that some secondary skills do not worth the usage.
- All resist won't affect physical resistance. The problem is that STR give physical resistance, but
DEX also gives physical resistance.

- Lightning damage from enimes.
- Thorn damage.
- White mob life.


Demon Hunter
- Evasive Fire is now a primary skill.
- Entangling Shot is now a secondary skill.
- No more disciple resource, the resource becomes cooldown.

- One for all only affects elemental resistances. Lighting, fire and ice.

New Classes

Oni Samurai - Katana master, Demon summoner, hi-armored character, focus on melee damage, life steal and movement.
A samurai that uses demoniac powers to defeat them.
Active Skills: Primary, secondary, Swordsmanship, Curses, Demoniac and Honor.

Swordmanship skills.
Charged attack - ???

Demoniac skills.
Demon's wing - Rush in a line doing damage.
Demon's Claw - Hi-damage and freeze attack.
Demon's Bite - Life steal cleave attack.
Summon Demon - ???

Curse skills.
Wraith scream - ???
Possession - ???

Honor Skills - Samurai skills.
Sepukku - very hi damage that uses Life as resource.

Demoniac presence - Enimes deal less damage, and demons deal even less.

Druid - From diablo 2
Active Skills: Primary, secondary, Nature, Shape shifting, Symbiosis and ???

Shapeshifting skills
Bear form - Defense and Life bonus.
Wolf form - Attack speed and moviment bonus.
Wisp form - Magic resistance and magic damage dealer.
Rhinoceros rush - ???


- Damage focused.

Bard spirit
- Dead bard from Diablo I.
- Support focused.

Goblin merchant
- Buy items from you.
- Get items on the ground.
- Have a little bag space for you.

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