Auction House Issue (Item not delivered)

Mac Technical Support
Order id: 1567789510. Says I bought out the item but no item was delivered.

Just auction house lag perhaps? I've never had this happen before though.

Anyone know how I should go about getting this resolved?
Just auction house lag. Took about 15 hours or so but it did resolve eventually.
Was it a CC or paypal purchase? These can sometimes take a while to authorize. Unlike the gold ones which tend to be instant unless the AH is just acting up on server side.
Alright, now regrettably I have to adress myself to this thread and painful issue.

Like Syriel, I purchased an item, but wasn't delivered to my stash or elsewhere, but in my auction house history appears listed, never happened to me as well since I'm in this realm.

So I see right now is under maintenance, and my AH history appears empty, now I'm really afraid that the item and my history as well are gone forever.

I submitted a ticket looking for support and tried to be understandable, I read in RMAH if you don't get an item, you may got to wait 72 hours to get it, so I waited 3 days, then support replied I got to wait 2 days more, so I did... now has been almost 6 days and still nothing...
So their arguments are they have to review, check and retain items due to legal Auction House issues, I understand, but this is pretty unfair if we work hard (both in game and real life) to get the best items looking for the best in-game experience.

I'm feeling frustrated, I admit, I've always been and am an honest player and fan of legal stuff, so, I feel like I deserve a solution to this, since I love so much this game and been a Diablo fan since the first (1996 - 2013). Now my passion for the game is getting down because of this.

May technical support keep in mind this issues.

I just bought two items, one in hardcore, one in normal, Gold transfers, one 15 mil Natal reflection which doesnt deliverd to my side, can't send to stash, but did lose the 15 mil... Can you fix this?
None of this has to do with mac tech support and they won't address that here. You need to open up a ticket on account to get an actual customer service rep to look at AH related things as mac tech support is not correct department of people.

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