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@HansMolman - Nice and balanced WD. Really nice crafted braces!
Also like the black damage weapon, good for the extra posion damage on the boots. A nice Tals necklace could give a DPS boost with the extra % damage and higher int (also add some vitality).

Other than that, very solid. Upgrades would be expensive from here on in, and offer small dps/EHP increases. Would be nice to get the armour up a bit, but again, you would need to drop some AR to do this, unless you get lucky with crafts.

8/10 (only because DPS could be a bit higher)
@hands - Nice WD. 7/10. I suggest more AR/CHC/Armor
Alright, time for me to get a part of this thread. Bought a few upgrades recently. Was running into mana issues on high MP. They are all solved.

@ Pens.. wow that is a nice doc. 75k life 260k dmg and 4.5k armor. It all looks good. All I can think of is maybe a better Witching Hour, and Rings. Though none of that is easy. 9.5/10
@StonedOne - Decent doc. 7.5/10
@JOEYCRACK - Very nice WD 9.98/10.

I just started play WD and Your WD is my WD wish to be. :)
Tien 7/10 My first priority on your toon would be to increase the EHP. Get more +vit items and more all res. Your scorn has a very low life steal%.
@blackjack - 9/10 everything looks legit! maybe you could craft a higher int glove with 10CC?
@keevins, keep rolling on those bracers, craft a neck too. Your pants and chest armor make me jealous. Good overall gear! wow those boots too!

mind sharing some of that luck you have with crafting? :D
Probably to get better chest, SoS, and pants . 7/10
@relaxin waw nice WD, nice armor+AR+HP. nice dps 250k with skorn , balance WD 9/10
@Odyssey, in my opinion your WD is 10/10. What can I say more?
Radu. Good start. just about every item needs improvement.
I would start with a good main. Your current one is ok but needs crit damage.

Odyssey. Very nice DPS, I would get a bit more EHP though.

Tough to find an upgrade for you. Good gear synergy. If anything, shoulders with %life.


9/10. dps, armor, ar, and hp all look to be great. only question i have is that do u have more ais than u need? u have vq and br. what makes u tie up a skill slot and a passive slot when u could have used them for something else?

but anyway really nice doc good job.
Throw my name in the hat since I am done gearing. Have other gears but this is the most fun for farming/leveling...

Nice WD!
4500 armor, good HP and dmg. 9/10. Do want that MCK =P

Sweet WD - love the near 80k health. If it was me I would swap out the pants even though they are a nice roll.

Also interesting ruby in main weapon hand did you try both and get better dps from ruby?

Interesting gear choice / build. I like how you are going off the beaten path with that.
Though, your stats are a bit low and you probably want to finish your Zuni set, but nice SOJ :) !
Yes, ruby gives more dps if you use MCK.

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