What's Your Favorite Diablo III Easter Egg?

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Whimsyshire, no question.
I loved trying to kill anything with Wirts Leg. Only 3.5 dps. Lol.
Not whimsy. Making the staff was a fun process, but the level is just sensory overload to me.

Probably the little girl similarly named to Wirt from tristram in A2, but I'm not sure if that's qualified. The Crypt of Game Developers would be cool, but I've never had it spawn. I look forward to that one.
Tie between Murlocket, and the LK helmet. But I havent personally been to wyrmshire yet so its up for grabs [/quote]

What is the LK helmet?[/quote]

The Lich King Arthas from the Warcraft games
2 unique monsters in act 2:
Raziel(a shade looking monster in the sewers)- reference to the shade Raziel from the Legancy on Kain series.
Pazuzu- one of those spining monsters- reference to a demon in The Exorcist movie.
I've seen a LOT of easter eggs in this game, even tried discover bigger secrets (like the use of Black Rock Ledgers), but everything doesn't make any sense. For me, there are two majors secrets in this game:

- Who killed the Iron Wolf Bowden and why he have a name?
- Where the f. is the Band of Untold Secrets (ring)? One of the greatest rings for lvling up, and not a single one in the AH?
In desolate sands the hill where the portial that made some men rich but killed my brother Garot . When you port through, the place is full of chickens, tons of them, then The resplendent chest is a pig. Only happend twice to me. One time two R chests and gold just laying on the ground plus the pig.
That really, really rare one that happens sometimes where I get a piece of loot that's actually worth something.
"Nine Toads" Scourge of the Boarderlands. In reference to Nine Toes, one of the first quest in Boarderlands 1
So since quoting a complain it using invalid or restricted HTML code I will just have to do it myself.

quote Zbik " I would probably find an actual easter egg before finding good loot in this game" End quote.

This ^
killing jay wilson
I liked part when you ruined the games economy with the rmah.
I liked the part old thristram looks like the thristram from diablo 1 and 2. They even kept Cain's cage
05/28/2013 07:40 PMPosted by Skunkleaf
I like the ones that are explained. It would be nice if the Black Rock Ledgers were explained. Not just that they are a reference to LOST but HOW and WHERE to use them in the game if in fact they do have a use.

Im pretty sure there is no use.
05/28/2013 11:06 PMPosted by Asbel
Stilgar and Shaitan the Great Maker. References to my favorite book
Being a BI person, I specially enjoy killing the Data Miner !!!

I also always enjoy finding the Grail...
Even though it's just a Templar Class Specific Item.
Wirts original Leg, Griswolds Edge and Rakanishu's Blade. Wonder if I shoulld have kept all the oars too? Still missing one of the blackrock ledgers. Just cant get it to drop!
Killing Jay Wilson.
I don't even farm or really play anymore. I just keep recreating games until I find development hell and slay Jay Wilson.

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