What's Your Favorite Diablo III Easter Egg?

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Killing Jay Wilson.

big Step for diablo right there.

Hahahahahaha. My favorite. The actual ability to kill the developers in the game. Granted, I haven't done it, and I would almost add you for that comment alone.
I thought the homage to Rita Repulsa was cool.
Dune was one of my favorite books/series growing up. I was not into MLP though so...omg ponyrainbowunicornfunland hurts my eyes. So 1980s though which is kind of fun.

Many of the obvious are covered here and they are indeed fun so I will say something nobody else has yes. Something I found fun the other day was the name of an elite monster spawn....Zarhym the [insert affixes here]. Got two of them in a week. Are the other CMs or even GMs included in the game too? Also, where is the Blizzard cat? It has to be there. I need to look more carefully.
Using your Dyes to colour your Angelic Wings.
My favorite Easter eggs are...

  • Shenlong's set Fist Weapons. Street Fighter used to be one of my favorite games.
  • All of the H.P. Lovecraft inspired monsters in Act 1.
  • Garbad from Diablo I.
  • The Necromancer from Diablo II.
  • Development Hell and Quality Well.
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