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Hey everyone

I want to try and put together a HC uber team (even a farming team) who can run MP5 (maybe higher but thats as high as ive gone so far). I run a CM wiz who is currently having no problem farming elites and keys on MP5.

If you are interested post in here with what class you play (not that it matters really :p) and we'll see what we can arrange

putting this on hold. lost my CM to a disconnect.
That really sux.

Sorry for your lost.
unlucky bro i feel your pain but most of my deaths have been my fault only a couple due to DC
Cheers guys. I should have a new one sometime over the weekend. Have a whole set waiting for me. Wont be as strong DPS wise though. But freeze should be as good if not better.
I can rush you tonight when I get on. Got to repay you for all the gears you given me :)
Sweet man. I may not be on tonight as i have indoor soccer at 8.20 so its hard to jump on for a decent time. But ill def hold you up to that :p
Im down for some ubers when your back in action
hey guys, got my new CM up and run. have only tested her as high as MP4 so far as she doesnt have as much VIT and AR as id like yet. her freeze and damage are pretty good though. just need to work on a few pieces.
looking forward to some runs very soon
Hey everyone,
Looking to do some uber runs tonight if anyone is keen. MP 4-6 depending on group. Ill be running standard CM build not the meteor build im currently running. Would love a barb and or monk for added defense. But not overly fussed tbh. If you are keen add me in game and we'll try to get some rings.
My APS is over the 2.73 bp and around 45cc so the freeze is pretty good
Count me in mate! You know how I roll! Will just need to get some A3 keys. I have 4xA1 and 4xA2 keys, so can potentially have a few machines ready.
Hey WAZZ, I know you HC guys are already pretty tight knit, but you should think about following the model us SC guys have used for organising farming/uber groups: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8196651477

The general idea is that you maintain a list in the OP of active players and their preferred MP. When people ask to join, you add them to the list in their nominated MP and they need to add existing players in their nominated MP - it saves players already in the group constantly having to coming back to find new members.

It's not much of a hassle for me to maintain - a bit of copy and paste each day, pretty easy. Anyway, just a suggestion.
Yea i wish i could do something like that mate. Probelm bring the aus/nz HC players arent as active on the forum so its harder to maintain/create such a list. I could do it with the general HC community but id rather just aus/nz to keep everyone in roughly same time zone. Easier to irganise runs and so on

You should play HC mate ;)
Hey reaVer. Sweet as mate. We can easily do some A3 runs. They are nice and quick :)
Cool will be on at 8:30 ish
if you still do ubers runs i'm up for it , bobel#2601, also i'm trying to build my key stacks :)
Hey mate, we are still doing runs. Mainly the others though as my CM's keep dying and my monk isnt there yet i think. I know reaver, rize, dev and al have been doing runs. Add any of us or all of us and join in for some runs mate.
Some news on this coming soon, just testing a few things then we can make it official :) Stay tuned!
Am i that out of the loop :p fill me in tonight mate
06/27/2013 08:24 PMPosted by WAZZ
Am i that out of the loop :p fill me in tonight mate

Haha no not at all mate! It all happend last night when me and RIZE were theory crafting in MP5-6. Will tell you all about it and the plans. Get your chat on if you can!

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