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@sheldor- I messed around with a build like that a long time ago when my dh was a bit more of a catalyst for power leveling people :) Was fun, but then the build got posted and I sold my sever for a nice profit. You would probably look at going ruby instead of emerald in it, but not sure of specific numbers. Since you can't have cd/ls on a sever I would always run gloom. As you said look for a better ammy, and if you were to find a shield with more vit/life % you could go with a double dex nats chest. You aren't running a hatred gen either which is interesting, I think I was using grenades to build me back up and keep me dps'ing. If you could combine your monk and dh shield you would be money :)
@bapdawg110 -_- And I'm at work. I'll keep my eyes open, I like having the high CC but I do have room to sacrifice for CD. And that is a nice ring. I might get to it in time. Thanks

@Demiwraith: I thought about Quickening and was going to play around with that tonight. Bell's were not intended to be my major damage dealer despite using them, more or less a crowd control skill with the knockback and in this case stun, I use them to pull myself out of Des/Plag/Molten/Arcane without interrupting my attacks since Thunderclap will immediately port me to them. SW; Cyclone with Thunderclap's AoE hit are what I was aiming for to do the bulk of the damage while rationing my spirit to space out the stuns as needed. But it wouldn't too hard to switch to a Bell-spammer since I run LS now, I just tend to lag a lot. I'm considering dropping serenity for a porting skill instead but haven't found a balance I like.
Thanks for advice bapdawg. I would be surprised if a ruby was better, as my crit chance is pretty decent and my crit damage is very low, but I might need to run some #s. I would like to work gloom in, but not sure which skill to drop for it, and I really like having plenty of discipline to lay caltrops all over. I think my ultimate goal is to get as close to 100k hp as I can, then run aid station and broodling for 4k per second hp regen from skills alone.
Bwahahaha! Surfing the auction house last night. Came across a WKL last night, 984 DPS with Socket and 8% IAS......9860 gold on buyout! Cha-ching! Gonna sell it off and save up for a couple nice rings. Is 30 mil a reasonable price?
Great to see the interest in SnB alive and well. I'm still grooving on my SnB monk and owe a lot of thanks to the folks in the first thread for their suggestions as well as others here on the board.

Always open for suggestions and also willing to share what I've learned thus far.
@BigE Looking at your monk i see you have dropped OWE and your resists are way too low. 400AR just doesn't cut it, especially for s/b build. Drop armour on the witching hour and get some AR. Your 3 crafted items have no AR at all, this needs to be fixed, as you probably know. Other than that you are looking pretty solid.

@Lancer Grats on the flip, stats on the light % improves the value of WKL'S so if it is a high % roll you may be on a winner.
I'm a newcomer to both Hardcore and the Monk class. While leveling my HC Monk and Barbarian, I managed to save a few millions by playing the AH a bit. That coupled with some patience for snipping and bidding resulted on a fairly decent starting gear for cheap. That's my monk as of now:

Considering my current goal is just becoming more efficient for PVE (upping MP a little bit, farming faster, attempting Ubers, etc.), which upgrades I should look for next, considering a 20-30m budget? Excluding the crafted items, of course, as I'm working on them.
@BigE Looking at your monk i see you have dropped OWE and your resists are way too low. 400AR just doesn't cut it, especially for s/b build. Drop armour on the witching hour and get some AR. Your 3 crafted items have no AR at all, this needs to be fixed, as you probably know. Other than that you are looking pretty solid.

Thanks. Appreciate the suggestions. Unfortunately I haven't had rng luck with AR and dps together on crafting (ammy/bracers) so I'm just grinding and hoping to find an improvement. Bear in mind I actually have 443 AR (with int) but that's beefed up with over 6.5K in armor. Which is 90.56% dmg mitigation - which is pretty solid. My EHP is already over 600k and over 1.3M with dodge and block. :P I honestly don't feel like having less AR has made a difference since before I was at ~5.2k armor and 600 AR (no OWE) and even more Fire resist but I actually have moved up to farming MP7 with ease now. I made those mitigation changes and added 10k dps. Previously I was farming MP6 quickly. I can now handle Azmodan on MP10, though I cannot face tank him like I can on MP7.

Definitely want to add some more AR but at this point I feel like it's a hard tradeoff (cost wise) versus working on more dps. I don't buy gold so I'm solely relying on rng and the ah.
Your absolute #1 concern right now should be getting some form of LoH or LS. With your current build and gear level, LoH will probably be better, assuming you get a significant amount, say 750+ To be honest, I wouldn't be playing even at MP-1 without it, and would be willing to sacrifice some DPS to get it. Personally, I aim for at least 900-1000 LoH or the equivalent in LS, LpSS, etc. on HC Monks.

#2 concern is stacking resists and armor on your boots and shoulders. You can get 100+ resists on each and should aim to do so. Doing this will make it much easier to give up resists in places like jewelery and gloves, so you won't have to spend 10's of millions to get significant upgrades there.
Thanks for the answer!
Well, I did a few MP1 runs with no problems. The ~2000 life per second from gear and the mantra, plus the little LOS from the Blackthorne is enough to keep me up. I agree that more LOH would be safer, but can't find any weapons with it that wouldn't reduce my DPS by A LOT in my budget.

Currently looking for a Vile Ward for that, but they are all quite expensive with FR.

Any specific legendary that you think would benefit me at the moment?
@Follmann Just jumping in here as i have no idea about HC but a fist of az should suit you if you can pick 1 up.
So I took my shield off and put some gear on that I had on my stash and... I died! Well not quite immediately.. The dual ls is nice and even with just 15-20k additional dps the packs die pretty quick. Still issues with spamming spenders even with the increased as. Might stay like this for another day to see how my luck fares on all acts mp10 but I think my resists are too low but will try moving back into my old pants. On act one I was good until I found a reflect health link vampiric charger pack.

Thought about blowing it up cause I vendored my bracers accidentally, 200 essences later I got these with not at all as much mitigation.

@follmann-you definitely need some more loh. I would also craft some chests/shoulders/bracers until you find something that actually fits. The fist of az as oldman said is decent, but it can only come with one random roll. I would try and find a 6-700 avg damage fist/sword/axe with loh and maybe ruby it since you don't have very high cc.
Did a few upgrades, and managed to snipe a LOH spear for very very cheap (I know, a spear, but with 11% IAS at least):

So, I suppose I'm restricted to hope for better crafts now, as the other slots are getting kinda expensive to upgrade.
Now your looking much more solid!

I never advise buying bad legendaries because they almost always turn out to be a less efficient use of cash than buying solid rares. However, it's worth noting that because of the set bonus, your chest is probably only a little better than the worst possible Blackthorne's Surcoat now that you're wearing the Blackthorne's pants.

Getting one with decent Vit (170+) along with one or two of Fire Resist/Dex/Armor would be a significant upgrade, and could put you at a point where you wouldn't really feel like you were giving up much if you dropped some resist and/or vit from your rings. You can add a lot of DPS there, and rings without resist (or at least without AR) are much much cheaper.

You could probably get away with dropping some defenses on your jewelery to add DPS if you wanted to already. You're at 1m EHP without STI, which should be more than enough. I never do like telling a HC Monk they have too much defense though.

One other thing I'd say you're doing "wrong" is using the passive Chant of Resonance. You really need to exhaust gearing options for more spirit before it becomes worth it to waste a passive on 2 spirit per second. For example, an Inna's Radiance with some spirit regen could replace that entire passive. You could completely give up the 40 Fire Resist on your helm and still come out ahead from the 1100+ armor that STI gives you.

Actually, using STI would be another example of something you can do to make dropping all those resists from your jewlery and gloves so viable, and you can really start stacking DPS there.
Once again, thanks for taking your time to think about my monk.
Well, I did consider the Blackthorne Surcoat, only waiting for a good underpriced one. Another thing I considered was switching the belt to the Blackthorne one (it's cheaper with more dex, some resistances and even vit) and the chest to Inna's.
About the spirit regeneration... Thanks for the tip, looking for a Radiance with it now.
Hey errbody!

Checking back in after a bit-

@ Lancer - nice to see you coming along mate!

@ Sheldor - I noticed you posting over in DH forums. Have fun with the sever build homey. I'm just leveling a DH as well that will probably be a tanks 'nade thrower my self.

@ oldman, JCO and others - I have a goal to hit 150Dps and maintain my 650 EHp on d3up (with owe and Sti) if you can see anywhere to improve let me know. Otherwise I'm in tiny incremental upgrade mode where I basically try to shop for the same stats on all my items just slightly better and hope to land deals.

Ps: I have a nat combo, fire resist boots and non cc ring, only ups the DPS slightly. Also have high armor/Vit blackthorns pants and decent EHP crafted bracers available as swap ins. Currently experimenting with the ice climbers to free up both ring spots.

My last big improvement was breaking from the blackthorns 2piece, getting decent Vit on chest and adding the AR on rings to offset what was lost on the BT set. In all I gained about 10k DpS with this inna stuff.

Anywho. Friend me folks and I'll see you in game.
sup peeps,

Finally hit 200k DPS with 1M EHP according to d3up.


In order to break the 200k dps mark while maintaining decent EHP, i will need to change:

  • Nat Boot: 250 Dex++/70 Vit++
  • Mempos: 4.5CC++/9IAS
  • Ring: Trifecta/bifecta that is better then my current one

The ring is quite hard to replace with low tier trifecta(it has hidden min dmg). Any high tier stuff is either in RMAH or d2jsp sadly.

Opinions for my next upgrade is appreciated.

Thanks peeps.
Hey zuggles, you can get a lot more edps if you change your skills around

for starters switch your runes to: SW-cyclone, Blind-faith in the light, and fists of thunder- thunderclap

that should help out a lot
Hey zuggles, you can get a lot more edps if you change your skills around

for starters switch your runes to: SW-cyclone, Blind-faith in the light, and fists of thunder- thunderclap

that should help out a lot


Your items is awesome man! Double resist on almost every slot..droolll

With your IAS/TDR/skill build, whats the average time you took to kill elite/champ packs in mp9 or mp10?

Feel like I am taking quite a while to kill an elite pack on mp9 with my skill setup currently.

Thanks mate.
Thanks :)

I usually play on mp10, it feels like things go down in about 30-40 sec depending on the monster type. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

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