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For months now when i pick up an item from inventory it has a chance of causing my game to go into not responding / freeze, sometimes it unfreezes quickly, but other times it takes longer and when it unfreezes it disconnects me from server. I've seen dozens of other threads on the forums with this exact issue, have other friends experiencing it as well and never seen a single post regarding its cause or how to fix it.

It completely prevents me from playing hardcore and seriously impedes on my ability to enjoy this game. I've had the game since release with no issues until the last few months.

I don't believe I've ever seen another thread with this symptom description. Perhaps you could link some of the other threads?

What all have you tried so far over the months it's been doing it to try resolving it?

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Strange I've not heard of it before, but those threads are from the bug reports forum and the EU Tech one, which I don't frequent.

I've personally logged a lot of hours in the game and I've never had it happen to me nor have any of the friends I play with, not that that means much of anything, just that it doesn't happen to everyone. Which, from a logical standpoint, means it would have to come down to what's different about what you play on compared to others without the problem.

Could you list your dxdiag info and describe what type internet connection you have? Is it wireless for example?

You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Type in: dxdiag (In Vista, type dxdiag in the search field)
Hit Enter or OK

Click on the Save All Information button at the bottom, and create a dxdiag text file, and copy and paste it ALL here.

If you can get it to disconnect you again, I'd like to see the D3Debug.txt file from the main Diablo III game folder right afterwards.

I'm available in the forums Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 8 pm Pacific Time
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Understandable, only found them searching for the issue via google, looking for a fix.
Found this thread just a bit ago, using the fix of deleting both cached folders I'm two games in without a freeze up, will update later when I've got a bit more time played if the issue has indeed ceased.

Edit : Connection is wireless

Dxdiag -

System Information

Removed due to absolutely ZERO help related to the information posted.
Still freezing, Didnt get one bad enough to DC me yet...

Is there any way you can test with a wired connection instead? You'd need to run an ethernet cable from the NIC on your laptop directly to the modem for the best results, totally bypassing any routers in use. Remember to disable the wireless connection in the laptop or it may still try to use it even with the wired connection present.

Wireless connections can be unstable in general and many things beyond your control can and often do interfere with the signal integrity. If you stop seeing the freezing issues while using a wired connection you will know your wireless might be suffering from interference from a nearby source.

If it is possible to do so for your router, switching to a single wireless mode B,G, or N will potentially provide a more secure connection, with less latency and disconnections. If you do not know how to do this, please check your wireless router's instruction manual, or contact the manufacturer or provider of the wireless router for help setting it up.

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Besides rubberbanding, i have literally never had my game freeze except when removing an item from the inventory to move or drop. I honestly dont see how this could possibly be related to my wireless connection. That sounds ludicrous.

The game goes into Not Responding on task manager. I'm assuming the only reason i get disconnected from a long freeze is because the sockets timed out due to my client not providing any response or packets...
Still happening

I take it this issue is being completely ignored outside of the condescending notion that a wireless connection is causing it. Some mysterious interference (aliens or magic) to my wireless connection signal which just happens only at the exact time that I choose to drop accidental or garbage identified items I picked up. ( As if losing internet connection for fractions or a few seconds would cause the game client to go into not responding....)

If you are suffering from this problem, bust out your tinfoil hat and deal with it, blizzard simply does not care.
Still happening
Lost my NV stacks and a legendary on the ground. Bout the 50th time.
Love the customer service.
same here .... same problems .... no response .....
Not surprised, i linked half a dozen threads and not a single one had any serious input. And I've seen about 10 other thread at least with the same.

:) first one is over 38 pages ... 1 year old ....

"I don't believe I've ever seen another thread with this symptom description."
Neither of those threads indicate the issue i am describing.

Upon picking up an item from my inventory, the game simply Freezes or Locks up. I can move the cursor around, but nothing else. When this happens, the game goes into Not Responding. The issue ONLY happens when I am removing an item from my inventory by clicking it to pick it up.

It didnt start happening until several patches after the game was released.
I wish i purchased a digital copy so i could file a chargeback against blizzard.

The game has reached a near unplayable state for me.

I plan on recommending to all my friends to cease support of blizzard products.

no big deal :(

for me, freeze happen when i attack or when something blow up

happen once or twice a week, can be on the same day too
(with ~70 hours playtime a week)

It sounds like the issue at hand is a problem with the processors (usually a type of stepping) enabled in bios certain processor settings can be disabled and it should resovle this error.

Please anyone who has the issue post your processor, this freeze sounds like the common one with Intel processors (some AMD ones have the bug/problem too)
i7 920
(first gen)

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