I have a dream, hand of Ytar..

06/01/2013 12:40 PMPosted by Fitz
If it were a MH damage only skill, we would be having a difference conversation now as well!

well, these are the mechical flaws we need to find and petition like crazy to improve. I ran this a couple hours on MP8 and it's totally viable, just not on par with WoL by a long ways. IF it was MH wep damage it would be closer to viable... definitely FUN,tho
Hand of Ytar is weapon damage... if it was any element its definitely a lightning strike. It also is weak damage so why would you want to use it in nirvana besides to look like your doing floor spins while killing mobs.
I dont think you would get the WKL's lightning skill bonus.
For pubic games it works fine with a shafer's hammer,A combination of the lighting bonus,the 49% protection from attacks and the stun rune makes it viable with CS. Now the dps isn't the highest but thats what the other players are there for.And its fun to watch the lighting protection....
Hand of Ytar is neutral damage, that means it will do the damage type of whatever element you have that is "+ % damage as ________"
The thing about LTK is that it costs next to nothing compared to a bell, and you can get a sweet -5 soj for it. Only problem against it is that when in nirvana that doesn't mean jack. So I actually see this as a non nirvana build, if you have enough regen beyond your overawe spam.
Yeah, you can get the cost down to 10 spirit, I believe for non-nirvana users.

Somewhere there's a post lurking of mine where I made a very quick video showing no spirit generator and using Ytar as your primary (obviously high spirit generation and -cost gear) while doing MP 7+. The proc rate is very nice... my aps wasn't high but I was doing close to 2 Ytars a second and procing a ton of Cyclones when the Ytar had "splash procs."
I think that Schaefer's Hammer is the way to go. WKL does pitiful damage . Schaefer's Hammer has the same 25% lightning affix and also has better stats. But its 2handed and hence may not suit Nirvana style of play. Nevertheless, this would make a really sick monk 470% * 1.25 is approx 615. All for 30 spirit cost. If you use an SOJ and bring it down to 25, You get better spirit spent for damage than Empoered wave of light.
If anyone wants to have some fun I have this bad boy in my stash
6% holy, 2.18 regen, 29% elite bonus, -5 LTK.

Also the problem with schaefers hammer is you get crit damage or life steal but not both, plus it is slow attack speed so you cant fully benefit from LTK's higher proc coefficient.
With up to 50% protection and your natural dodge chance you would be pleasantly surprised about the damage taken and other forms of heal can be used, LpSS ect. I am not saying its end game but it defiantly works, and there are a few sore DH out there from my PvP testing...For uber battles you can defiantly stun lock with out a sledge fist but the other players have to do the killing.

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