Protecting the High Heavens from the Order?

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What if protecting the High Heavens from the Order of Templars is in an expansion? I would love that. Kormac deciding to join you in defending the heavens against the order after discovering its true motive during act IV. Still, I would love going after the Dirgest more...

Edit: on the flip side, what if Imperius becomes evil, and the Templar Order is good, and you help them tear down Imperius?
I dont think that the templar order is that powerful to be quite honest.
06/03/2013 09:58 AMPosted by Rain
I dont think that the templar order is that powerful to be quite honest.
maybe, but the heavens are weak due to the recent siege from diablo.
Had a little idea that Inarius is the one who give them the plan for the weapons to fight the angels. He attack heaven as a revenge and the hero go to heaven to help the angels.

Imperius attack the hero mistakenly thinking he/she is with the Order of Templars and he/she defend him/herself from him and weaken him. Adria appear with the black soul stone and use it on the weakened Imperius we fight Mephisto because of how strong Imperious hatred is.
Did I miss something? I've seen you post a few times today about the relationship between the Templar Order and the High Heavens, but I've never seen any implication that the Templar Order had intentions of attacking the Heavens.
@Chris you will know if you listen to all the conversations of the Templar
Ehh.. I have.
06/03/2013 08:22 PMPosted by Chris
Ehh.. I have.
Okay. The orders true motive, is that some of the order's holy tomes are crafting plans, essentially ones for angel slaying weapons. The order's leaders secretly want to remove both the hells and the heavens, similar to zoltun kulle, which might be why kulle taunted kormac with "the true nature of his order" in act 2 when kormac accuses him of being a lair/betrayer in the desolate sands during blood and sand quest. They want to remove all threats to humanity, and because the order knows basically the same things kulle did, that if tyreal didn't vote against the destruction of humanity they would all be dead, so they want to take out heaven when possible so that they never have a chance to destroy humanity.

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