Serious Lag issues since patch 1.08

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Hello, same stuttering for me,first time i started to play again in the past week ,since 5-6 months ago,and its annoying.The other games are working the same as ever, only Diablo 3 has this problem.My guess its probably one of the new patches.Initially when i bought this game it was working fine with the same configuration.Can you please revert settings to one of previous patches so i can play it?
Thank you.
well it's the same for me. yet it seems to be server related when most of the players are playing. At night I have no problems but when I try to play during the peak hours. I get some insane stuttering lag, sometime my character stays still and suddenly send all the attacks at once.

At first I though it was because of my connection, but I'm having no lag probleme with " any other online game "

I actualy came from path of exile because of the Desync issue PoE have since day 1 and I get this massives lags here , I bought the game hopping the standars would be wayyy higher than PoE, and it ended up beeing the same -.-
Found a fix that actually worked for me.

Change you Max forground FPS in the options to stay at 60. I've also got Vsync checked ON.

Hope that works for some of you and if you could, comment back and confirm!
I tried what you wrote TwistinFool, but with no luck.

I'm currently on a first gen Retina 15" and I get about 5-6 fps in group play when stacking mobs in i.e crypts. The game is so unplayable I don't know what to do really. Don't have enough space for bootcamp else I would run windows 7. Any ideas?
I have the same problem never can get under 800 ping or only for short time .... and everything after last patches....
why am i lagging in a solo game
Scanning this thread again the only thing I see in common with those posting specs is AMD graphics cards. I've tried checking down all the settings suggested in the thread but performance is still rock bottom compared to D3 launch through 1.08.

Report in, are we all macs with AMD cards?
Additionally is the OpenGL support in Mavericks any better? Is the FPS issue resolved in the OS update? Can anyone confirm?
Im having same problem and i have PC.
Hey everyone, I was having the same issues on a brand new computer. Adjusting the screen resolution from Max to anything on the lower end of the resolutions list eliminated all the lag and shuttering! Only downside is even with anti-aliasing on the edges still look like complete !@#$ compared to the high side resolutions.
I'm also using AMD Radeon HD 5700 on PC.

My game started to lag since last week.

I noticed it lags espeically when there is other player on the same screen.
I have a same Radeon Graphic card and got the same problem since the last week.
I set my frame rate max to 20 and the lag went away.

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