Error 33?

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I am getting login error 33 and it is saying that is down for maintenance but the server status page says that it is up
same situation here
same here.. Error 33 .. its saying Server is Down but server status shows its up...

what gives bliz?

Thanks for letting me know any ways :)
Yeah but both of those posts were for maintenances on Tuesdays. And says nothing about server status page being up while logging in gives error code 33.

PS-Same error here.
Oh found this. Sheds some light. Better than blanket "connectivity issues" links.
sigh....its getting old...Day one with D3 and it goes down...This is not a good 1st impression...Spent 5 or 6 yrs in wow, and left with a very sour taste in my mouth...After quitting sometime midway through cataclysm, and no longer enjoying sc2, and decided to give d3 a chance, as I have also played them since d1...Less than 24hrs of gametime, and this...Not a great track record...Online only is garbage.. Wheres offline mode?
gamwes bak on

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