Super Duper Monk Club

If you're Super Duper monk material, post here. The only requirement is that you recognize yourself as Super Duper, and this definitely does not mean you've duped gear, just that you're awesome.

We will get to pick an imaginary badge to place on our Super Duper monk profile, mine shall have popcorn and beer. In the other thread, "Super Monk", I was going to have a badge with unicorns and flowers, but I came to the conclusion that was too OP, hence popcorn and beer on my Super Duper monk badge.

Let everybody know that epeen size varies and that it's mainly due to temperature, and that is why I prefer not to play in Act 3 anymore, too cold which causes epeen shrinkage.
Can I serve the popcorn and beer for all the Super Duper monks?? Please!!!
@OP lol. You aren't super duper your hard core monk is way worse than my softcore monk, hardcore is for peeps who need crutches and excuses :D.
Ohhh boy, here we go!
I like turtles.

I think you may not be admitted to the Super Duper Club, your comments on my awesomeness are hurtful and they are just plain mean. Please note my SC monk could beat your SC monk even if I was AFK for a week. Heck a month.


You're in.


I like turtles also, you're in.


Out of sympathy for you, you're in also. But you still suck and your "pin the tail" joke was hurtful also. Perhaps you and SirNick should compare hurtful comments, you both excel at them, sob sob cry cry.
ALRIGHT!!!! I get to serve popcorn and beer!!!! I'll try to throw in bacon from time to time (it really does goes go good with beer)! :)
Now I am hungry and shall make a delicious BLT. I shall open a Boddington's to go along with the sandwich.
My monk once ate a smurf and snork salad. It effected him in a way that one would not be able to explain without having to smell the inside of a small concrete and steel room with a toilet and sink in it for the rest of their lives.
Don't forget them spicy buffalo wings Jco!!!
I would like to be a "Super Duper" monk.
Sorry Java I don't give out the memberships I only serve the food and drinks ;)
I am simply amazing.
I am so super that blizz has locked my monk outta the d3.
I'm not super nor duper
06/02/2013 06:58 PMPosted by edzmond
I am so super that blizz has locked my monk outta the d3.

I miss lulu.

She's so purty.
I got my badge back on 1.0.4 it has pilot wings, cake and donuts on it!

Yes...I am a dessertaholic...

Now where is BeerLeague with my Root Beer Float?!!

i'm super duper! thanks for asking all things considered, i couldn't be better. how are you?

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