New powerful buffs for patch 1.0.9 (Ideas):

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This idea about finding account bound potions that can only be found from act bosses. That said here it comes:

Potion one (Gheed’s fortune):

Lasts for 2 hours
Account bound
200% bonus to magic find
200% bonus to gold find
40 yards to gold health globe pickup
Drops only from butcher with 5 NVs

Potion two (Cain’s wisdom):

Lasts 2 hours
Account bound
200% bonus to experience gained
Drops only from Belial with 5 NVs

Potion three (Tyreal’s bliss)

Lasts 2 hours
Account bound
Immune to Fear, Charm and Frozen effects
25% fast run speed
Reduce all costs and cool downs by 25%
Drops only Azmodan with 5 NVs

Potion four (Tyreal’s revenge):

Lasts 2 hours
Account bound
75% critical hit damage
10% critical hit chance
9% Increased attack speed
Drops only from Diablo with 5 NVs

General rules:

Players can have only up to 1 potion active at once.
Bonus can stack beyond the normal cap.
No level requirements to use the potions.
Odds are (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21 for MP 0 to MP 10).
Having more players in game will increase odds of finding potions by 3% up to max of 9% per 3 players (I know it’s not much but you have to work for it and play the game)


Potion one (self explanatory)
Potion two (self explanatory)
Potion three (awesome for PvP, and being able to cast powerful attacks more often)
Potion four (pretty much you will annihilate all in your path)

Hope you all like this.
I've got a small idea for 1.09 too. Have MF affect treasure chests, it's not just monsters that drop loot.

It doesn't have to be a complete undo of 1.03. Treasure chests could get a partial boost from MF like 50-75% effect, where as monsters get the full effect.

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