Corpse Spider PvP

What do you all think

I have been running the following in pvp

Corpse Spiders (leaping)
Haunt (lingering)
Hex (bleed)
Spirit Walk (jaunt)
Horrify (expanded range)
Spirit Barage (manitau)

I feel the Barage to haunt to hex to spiders to horrify is pretty bad !@#.

Does a spec like this want 2h or 1h and mojo?
That is a really really terrible skill/rune setup, and I'll tell you why:

Corpse spiders - Worthless. Firebats are better in virtually every way.
Lingering spirit on haunt - Why? Is recasting haunt really that hard?
Bleed on hex - 12% weapon damage while hex'd? Are you kidding me? That's like 500 total damage over the course of a hex.
Expanded range on horrify - Not necessarily bad, but not optimal by any means. It can be used in certain situations, but 95% of the time increased armor is better
manitou on spirit barrage - Piss poor damage, can't control the target of the attacks, and it reveals your location while spirit walking.

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