error 3006,stuck on retrieving hero list, etc...

Technical Support
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I am logged in from earlier, but I cannot chat, create a game or join a game ATM.
oh don't be fooled they make money still even with the free game play
I want reparations!
I don't wAnNa Go BaCk To WoW
This is pretty ridiculous. I just want to play my game... I bearly have time to play this game and when I do its down...
You prissy self-entitled children are hilarious. Honestly I wish this stuff would happen more just to hear you cry about how the sky is falling and making up fake stories about how you just started playing the game again for the first time in months 15 minutes ago to try to garner sympathy.

Seriously, hold on to your jimmies for a few minutes, because beating your fists on the floor and telling blizzard you're totally going to run away is going to really put some pep in their step to fix it. have issues.
Same here.. Wish that Blizzaard could somehow provide a "bandaid" after these types of things like an item or some fun things to address our wounds..
"Sorry for the inconvenience, we will now dupe everything you have now for compensation"

But srsly, good thing I have a 60 EU barb
As I sit here waiting for my three hundred and umpteenth log in attempt to fail, I did notice that the music really is kind of nice without all that noise caused by the monsters blowing up and my scoundrel friend's incessant remarks....
well im finally getting through to "authenticated".... more than ive been getting
maybe its some poor survey to see how many shmucks try to login (really annoying)
ya me to but then just sits there doesnt even time out now been 5minutes
same here. stuck on retrieving hero list
agreed... same here
DRM fail!
yelling at them to do their job is probably the most reasonable way to get a fix to the issue faster....
Same here. Epic fail

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