ERROR 3006

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WHAT IS THIS........
Getting it too...
me too
i suddenly started getting a 3006 error today 6/15/2013 after playing the game all morning anyone else having problems. I checked my account status and it says active so as far as I now i'm not banned or locked out.
Error 3006! there was an error retrieving license on this account? then there was a message, there was an error logging in game account? please help.
I am getting this error now 2. Account still active.
error 3006, just putting my name in the list
They are saying it is fixed... it is NOT FIXED.
I too, am getting this error. It is rather peculiar.
Yeah I am getting that error as well... and account is still good.. Played last night... Maybe server side?

Yea but seriously someone should fix this like now
DaFuQ, me too, it seems systemic. Is everyone else with this problem on the Americas? Is there anyone having this issue on a different region?
Got the error too in Americas
Here too on the US server. Long pause then 3006 error pop-up.
Glad I'm not the only one that had this error pop up. Hopefully they fix it quick, fast, and in a hurry.
After 10 mins, still no luck :)
Also getting Error 3006, in americas. admins please help??
Apparently the license server has crashed (Error 3006) for the Americas. Maybe the Blizz staff will get the issue resolved asap
i got to log in finally then got disconnected by bliz there apparently doing maintenance on server now to be done by 1pm PDT to fix problem

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