Talk me out of my Barb!

Hey Monks! I started off my d3 experience with a glorious (read..terrible) sword and board monk. I then switched to a wiz (yawn), and landed on a spin2win barb. I'm thinking about switching to another class, and you guys/gals (do real, live girls actually game?) seem like a pretty cool community...even though Druin must have cheated to smoke my barb brothas at naked_running :-)

Anyways...I'm thinking of ditching the barb, and rollin' Monk_style. It seems like TR is all the rage. Does that build only work on mp1 more or less, or is it efficient in mp10 farming/for ubers? What kind of pocket change could one expect to dump on a TR monk that would like to be able to rock more than minimal MP levels?

I'm used to solo mp8ish ubers, and being pretty bulletproof in mp10 with barb...

...but I'm so



Oh, and PS - all the TR guides say to use Inna's hat for spirit regen...the d3 gameguide doesn't show Inna's hat as having spirit regen. Explain it to the rookie... :)

Seriously...I want to rock a monk. Save me from my spinning ways!
Honestly, I don't think it we need to "sell" monks to non-monks. If you want to be saved, gear out your monk according to your preferred playstyle (DW Cookie Bell, DW Cookie SW/C, DW Nirvana Bell, 2H TR/Bell, 2H CS Group, S&B, etc) and give it a whirl. :)

But in answer to your question, spirit regen is an option available on all spirit stones, not just Inna's hat. But it's also not really necessary on there either for TR/Bell kind of specs. I've run just SoJ with >2.2 spirit regen and I haven't had spirit issues.

TR/Bell is good for mid-MP level DE Farming, unless you are really well-geared... in which case, TR/Bell can do MP10. DS/Bell is a viable MP10 alternative too.

As for how much to gear out a monk? Well, I'm a budget monk and here's my thread on how I geared out mine on a decent budget of <300M including gear, gems and crafts.

It might cost more now, with inflation due to gold duping. I've also have really good luck in crafting too, so results may vary. But if can give you a rough idea of what is possible on a budget.
What type of budget are you talking about for your monk? That info would help answer a few questions about what mp you'll be able to do. Really they aren't that bad it's just gear can get expensive at times.

I'd say you should roll a monk just because it'll be fun. Power leveling on low monster power will be easy also if you do build for TR.
I'm sitting on 3beez or so, but not really sure I want to throw it all at a new class until I try it on. So, so 250m ish budget?
I don't know how far you could get with 250m anymore, might be hard to make an impression with what you end up with.
3beez would be a stretch to farm mp10 TR. I know TianZi managed to TR solo mp10 ubers with around 350k EHP... But most of us need more. Back before I started DWing I used to run a 210k dps 700ar TR set in mp10 that was very efficient, but it was a bit more than 3b, and look at druin, that mace was at least 5b from memory before the gold dupe, maybe more?

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