Surviving all resistant for mp10

Hi guys,

I having serious problem for all resistant survive at mp10.
Right now I use back my current gear benchmark at 478 all resistant but still hard to survive at mp10..
What's the most recommend resistant with out passive skill one everything..Thanks in advance..
You need more sustain, 2.2 LS is just too low.
So is not the problem is with all resistant?
Ok will I take note
ive been pushing the limits of resistances required lately...
i'm currently at 198 and play farm mp10 with ease.

pacifism is one of our greatest passive's IMO

so my advice? stack dex, dex and more dex :D
Wow I very very blur
build with resistances as above, and as you become a better player and understand the class, then slowly start swapping resistances out for more dex :)
I hope can join u play act 4 mp10.. Before I purchase any gears
A quick boost for your resistances, and a great help with elites would be a litany of the undaunted. Get one with 9% ias and see what that does for you.
My attack speed 1.90
Piston their are a few ways to about it like what was mentioned above. To the average monk it is best to run with 500k eHP and as close to 3% LS and perhaps another source of sustain be it LOH, LpS, or LpSS. By 500k eHP you will most likely get this by have 5k Armor and as close to 600 AR with 50k Life.

In hmk scenario he is putting out incredible amounts of DPS almost like a 150k-200k Nirvana user. In these two instances you can have almost no eHP as long as your weapon, SW, backlash, etc basically as long as your are doing damage you are gaining life and the more damage you are inflicting the more life you are gaining. He uses Pacifism as a crutch for when he cannot inflict damage and keep up sustain. hmk has 50k+ Life which should keep him form getting one shotted allowing his sustain to kick in.

Cheers & GL,

Ave DPS have plenty of eHP and LS
Top Tier DPS have enough Life to avoid one shot and let LS do the rest
In that case i have to repurchase entire gears

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