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Demon Hunter
I don't try hard like you grouping 5 elites together and make a video
just stop playing like a monk... walking everywhere man, pickup vault and haul !@#
this isn't my try hard lol, this is how I keep the game fun, it's not like I did a buncha takes on this... this is what happens on my stream regularly
06/08/2013 04:34 PMPosted by GodIike
I don't try hard like you grouping 5 elites together and make a video

damn this whole time i thought you were trying hard... well you better get on it...
i'm not sure what you trying to say with this thread. dh still trash compared to other classes. I have no issues doing mp10 as well, but compared to other classes I'm doing it much slower pace. that is why I've stopped doing mp10 unless i'm farming essences.

If you're farming essences doing just elites is fine, but skipping trash isn't good idea if you want to magic find as well. Once you include trash in your run, it will take much longer and if you include large area to clear and other areas, even longer.

sorry but the class isn't effective, if you think it's ok, that's fine but don't come here saying the class is "in good spot" sort of speech. We already heard it from travis day. The class scales extremely poorly compared to other classes, this was proven to death by so many posters who done the research.

And in groups the dh doesn't offer anything worth while at all.
the point of this thread was to express how ridiculous these forums are... and no dude, trash melts even faster, i can't believe that is even being brought up... i choose to skip trash because prefer fighting elites, so I should grab a scene of me doing this in the fields with a group, show how often the other classes with similar gear levels die in this kinda situation?

not having issues doing mp10 and slaughtering a 5 pack of elites are not equivalent

DH don't need buffs they need their skills and abilities to be re-evaluated... not quite the same thing
as if the devs even play the game... lol we all know they dont
the point of this thread was to express how ridiculous these forums are...

DH don't need buffs
nice misquote there, life must be hard when you cant read... but yea man, a re-evaluation of skills, sharpshooter is a perfect example, not only is it useless, as most DHs land multiple crits per second, but it also confuses new DHs into thinking that CD is more valuable than CC... lots of issues similar to this for DH

when you say DH need buff all that means to blizz is they come in and double some of the numbers on our offensive abilities, this won't fix the current state of DH
Im confused about all the hate going on in here. Must be a past thing.
06/08/2013 08:26 PMPosted by Crymore
Im confused about all the hate going on in here. Must be a past thing.

haters gunna hate
Guess this is unresolved "LQ"
!@#$ing worthless piece of %^-*

^ Best line ever.
no matter how much we change our builds it all comes down to eDPS, which the hunter falls short by long shot compared to other classes. And if they tweak the classes every other spell like they done with rapid fire, we may have many new builds to play with.

ironically enough the demon hunter suppose to be the DPS class but has the worst eDPS in the game compared to other classes. So funny stuff, he's long range attacker that can only be played as tank but with extremely low eDPS. The gear he wears does more dps on the monk rather then the demon hunter. Its rather pitiful if you ask me.

many spells he has must be redesigned if not changed, if that can't be done the least they could do is buff the rest of his abilities as they have done with rapid fire. If they do that, we might have many new builds to play with.
The VOTA mp 10 solo runs are legit and very nice. Also, should start seeing vids of Fields of Slaughter act 3 clean up map run, usually has 3-4 elites.

Act 4 mp 10 1st and 2nd tier gardens, silver spire 1 and 2 are legit runs too (found 2 Nat's Reflection here)..

..make more vids.. What other maps are good? With good drops?

not bad, but Elite kills feel kinda slow.

The only thing that's fast is skipping them trash mobs.
I play monk on mp10. VOTA everday. I have 82k elites killed.
You know what I got bored with monk.
I enjoy so much DH now. RF can make elites melt quick. But then even though it is slower, so what? It is so much fun to play with DH.
Btw, with the 82k elites killed I have now 4k Demonic Essences in my stash thanks to the monk.
I mean, play with the class you enjoy much, for me DH is fun, even though, it is less OP.
In group, DH does not bring much. I play in group only with DH and it is much more fun than having a CMWZ freezing and makes game so easy....and boring.

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