is there any as breakpoint monks have to hit?

I been a cm for a while so everyone knew about the 2.51, 2.73, 3.01 breakpoints.

Does this exist for monks? thx
The breakpoints for CM wizard exist because of the quadratic relationship with attack speed and the tornados for generating APoC.

Monks don't have a mechanic like that. It's a little simpler. The higher the attack speed the more spirit you generate (linear relationship) and the more LoH you get back too I suppose.

That's my understanding at least
look it up at d3rawr. They seem to list breakpoints for a few skills.
er Fitz for Fists of Thunder-Thunderclap.

Took a screenshot as well;

Or am I barking up on a nonsensical tree?
Well, I did some real-world testing and, as far as I could tell, with hours and hours spend recording, editing and frame-by-frame analyzing, Monk skills don't have BP frames.

WoL:Pillar of Ancients takes exactly 80 frames to cast at 1APS (1attack per 60 frames).
With 1.8APS it SHOULD take: 80/1.8 = 44.444 frames which SHOULD round down to 44 frames in a 60FPS-based system. However, it actually took 44 frames ~50% of the time and 45 frames ~50% of the time averaging out over time to what I assume is 44.444 frames.

I repeated this process with tons of monk skills and came to the same conclusion over and over and over.

That being said, the only important "BP's" that could exist come from the 3 second duration of Blinding Flash: Faith in the Light and Mantra of Convicion: Overawe.

You want to fit in the max number of skills into that period.

For example:
You need 1.34 APS in order to cast 4 bells that will be affected by Faith in the Light.

Bells have a 0.75 APS mod so 1.34 APS * 0.75 = 1.003 APS 1/1.003 = 0.997 seconds per attack.
0 - 0.997 (1 bell)
0.997 - 1.994 (2 bell)
1.994 - 2.99 (3 bell)
You now have 0.01 seconds to begin to cast the 4th bell at which point it will snapshot the Faith + MoC:Overawe buff and the entire 4th bell will have that bonus damage.

This is just numbers, in the real game due to latency and player delay, you will almost certainly need more like 1.45 APS to get 4 bells off in 3 seconds.

-Druin, the happy monk
No, I've gotten this same question over and over again on jsp too.

Monks don't have "Must Hit BPs" like CM wiz, period.
Druin covered it nicely but generally speaking, Monks don't have real 'Breakpoints'. We just want as much IAS as we an get for spirit generation.

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