Top 3 farming routes

Just want to share those information so people can farm ACT2 more often. :)

#1 : ACT 2

VotA->Oasis->Ruins->Channels->Storm Halls (VORCS) will yield 350mil exp per hour at MP10

EXP at MP1:
exp/hour - exp/kill - kills/min - ACT 2 area
112,097,066 3330 91.97 Western & Eastern Channel <--- enter from top of Oasis
110,900,183 3828 79.17 The Storm Halls <--- Right side of Archives
109,485,687 3759 79.58 The Forgotten Ruins <--- inside Oasis
99,750,200 3864 70.53 Dahlgur Oasis
88,514,592 3820 63.30 Desolate Sands <--- enter from middle channel
88,072,878 3810 63.16 The Unknown Depths <--- Left side of Archives
88,026,999 3871 62.14 Hidden Aqueducts <---- this is middle Channel

Option route:
Black Canyon Mines ---> Path to the Oasis (clear from south to north) --->The Forgotten Ruins ---> Channels ( east, west and middle) --> Desolate Sands(after exit Channel) ---> Archives of Zoltun Kulle for The Storm Halls & The Unknown Depths

-- Top exp
-- Very long route (30 minutes)
-- lots elites in each zone (easy to catch up 5 NV buff)

-- not popular and hard to find group.
-- Oasis & Desolate Sands are HUGE zone and take forever to clear.
-- lots of annoy monster (invisible snake, reflect, wisp etc)


#2 ACT 1

FW --> Field --> Hall 2 (around 280mil exp per hour at MP10)

EXP at MP1:
exp/hour - exp/kill - kills/min - ACT 1 area
100,311,589 3670 74.67 Fields of Misery
90,637,900 4182 59.22 Halls of Agony 2
76,128,483 2573 80.84 The Weeping Hollow

Note: Weeping Hollow yield pretty low exp per kill. (70% of Field of Misery)

Option route:
FW --> Leoric --> Weeping Hollow --> Fields of Misery --> Hall 2 & Hall 3
for Fields of Misery, skip any cave except Den, (Den is a cave under old tree)

-- Very Good Exp.
-- Short route for quick farming.
-- popular route and easy to find group

-- not enough elite for 5 NV buff (if you join too late)


#3 ACT 3

Route: Skycrown --> Keep 2 --> Rikkis --> Fields of Slaughter

EXP at MP1:
exp/hour - exp/kill - kills/min - ACT 3 area
97,143,400 3808 69.71 The Keep Depths 2
76,722,545 4764 44.00 Fields of Slaughter
57,300,230 2265 69.11 Arreat Crater 2

-- Lots of elites to catch up 5 NV buff.
-- Very popular and easy to find group
-- relax for slow farming

-- Lower exp

above information are copy from:
the crypt in fields of misery is easily the best cave in the entire game now
Personally Oasis is my favorite. The snakes are no problem as they are huge groups and are fun as all hell to run into and smash.
Based on what I read above, the optimal xp-grinding route for an archon wizard might just be Fields of Misery only. Skip getting nv in the Festering Woods entirely.

I'm definitely going to test that out.

do you know Archon buff can last up to 2 minutes ?

you can go town to sell, afk for a drink and come back and you still have your archon buff.

06/09/2013 05:58 PMPosted by EmmetOtter
If you're not an uber-geared barb, like the ones that did the data gathering, not only will your xp/hour be far, far lower some areas may not be worth doing at all.

Barb is slowest farmer in low MP. every other class can beat barb.

TR monk, WD, DH can easily beat Barb as long as they can one shot everything.
Wiz with Scramble/Blizzard/Teleport also faster than barb for low mp. and CM wiz can be faster than barb at high MP.

Barb only good at MP10. but above data is base on MP1.

06/09/2013 05:58 PMPosted by EmmetOtter
Another point is that your xp/hour shouldn't be measured after you get 5nv, but from when you start the game.

VOTA is bad zone for exp, but good zone to get 5 NV buff. (you can always replace VOTA with black canyon mine to get NV buff)
No love for A4?

I sometimes run it for some variations. the hell rifts are pretty sick too.
Thanks for route on act 2

TR monk, WD, DH can easily beat Barb as long as they can one shot everything.
Wiz with Scramble/Blizzard/Teleport also faster than barb for low mp. and CM wiz can be faster than barb at high MP.

Barb only good at MP10. but above data is base on MP1.

No one can top a farming barb.

it is hard to top a WW barb even when 1 shotting. Even on mp1 and also without WOTB...

-100% upkeep of 40% or 60% movespeed
-WW'ing & tornadoes do your killing, thats already instant death.
-Does not require you to stop and attack. All attacks are done moving.
-Could easily perm wraith mp1 with a mighty weapon and no attack% speed affix

Your basicly just running through the map with 60% move boost. There's a reason Alkaiser dominated the race to p100.
great info.

i think we all need to stop splitting hairs around here :P.i dont know if huans routes (or routes he has copied from others) are 100% optimal and always have max XP, but hey, i wanted to farm more act 2, and this gives me a pretty great start. from here i plan to do some act 2 runs and tailor them to my liking (sometimes i prefer long runs for items, sometimes short just to grind a couple levels)

i think the basic idea of any route is "grab 5 stacks in an area with many elites and little whites, then go to an area with lots of whites for max XP"
Okey, let me share my point of view of this thread and farming routes, I have experience both with high DPS Archon Wizard and high DPS not so high EHP WW Bar. Wizard is now dead, but Barb have replaced it:)

When it comes to XP things can vary as Emmet said, so here is what I have experienced so far.

All my runs I have done in the last 82 paragons with my Barb are MP4-7, majority in A1 and here is why:

A1 is safe and density is amazing, open spaces reducing the chance of being trapped in a frozen, arcane, jailer situation and includes gg cave (as I call it) spawn every 1-2 runs, that adds a lot of xp to your run.
A2 is a lot more unpredictable, monsters coming out of the sky, invisible salamanders (from d2) and bunch more heavy hitting mobs that can burst a lot of damage in a matter of a second including poison gas clouds and etc.
Benefits of A1 are safety, good xp per hour, fast runs at any MP your char can survive. Drops are less than A2, many mobs have their chance of item drop reduced in 1.0.8 and less risk of dying, no annoying mobs, except the charging steaks that goes well with red wine :).
Benefits of A2 are tons of elites and better drops, xp is about the same or a little more, depending on your run, risks are much higher, you can get trapped really bad in VoTa or any of the tunnels in the act.
On average I get about 130-150mil xp per hour at MP6, and I play at a normal speed, no rush and stopping for tomes, items, etc. Maybe if I rush it, I would be able to achieve 180+mil xp per hour, but what's the point of that? I already run fast enough.
Both acts are good, it's up to the player to decide, it's good to change the pace of your runs.

Archon wizards have no problem running in A2 and maintating their Archon, except maybe VoTa, and I think are a little safer when it comes to farming A2, as they can kill from distance before things hit you. In large areas, barbs move much faster than Archon therefore kill faster. Having played as high DPS Archon I've always had troubles catching up with a WW Barb in groups, just because they move so fast and stuff is killed before my beam can touch the mobs.

How you farm is your choice, those numbers are gathered in a SC run, where dying once or twice is no issue :)
I like the Act 2 route, been doing that for some time. A lot more dangerous than Act 1 though.

Also keep in mind this is Hardcore, with limited gear, so immediately cut 30% off that 350. And the builds that we do in Hardcore absolutely do not allow see-sawing HP globes like the ones in SC, because one mistake means you are dead, so cut that exp number by 50%. So an extremely good figure for hardcore would be something like 120mil exp/hour.
I like the comparisons, thanks!

I used to do VOTA, clear the oasis and when i wanted that little bit extra, I'd go desolate sands. Only issue is surivability on the higher mps. Some people that have low hp might want to do a higher mp with life gem in helm or maybe a slightly less one with the xp gem, see how it pans out for them based on class. These people have to worry about a billion bees flying around and depending on res/armour, plagued/shield/arcane enchanted guys in vota might take a long time to kill in comparison to the run.

I found act1 a LOT easier and quicker to gain xp, purely going festering woods for stacks, then i go cemetary of leorics for the remaining 1 or 2 stacks if needed because of the density in the crypts there. I then clear the fields of misery and if I see decying crypt, i DEFINITELY go in there. Last run I did, I got 38m xp or so just from that crypt on MP10 (with 5 stacks, hellfire ring and basic xp gear on follower, no signets on me or follower, xp gems on me and no hellfire ring on me).

Pretty much leveled up from 53-54 in one run last night thanks to that crypt (had like 1/6th of a bar of xp to begin with)
Are your results based on MP10 or MP1? You seem to mention both and its confusing...
Just want to share those information so people can farm ACT2 more often. :)

#1 : ACT 2

VotA->Oasis->Ruins->Channels->Storm Halls (VORCS) will yield 350mil exp per hour at MP10

Question: how do u get to Storm Halls without losing VotA checkpoint? and what does VORCS mean?

Since 1.0.8 I'm farming VotA (checkpointed) => Desolate Sands (for wheel achievement and variability) => Oasis => Channels

Ah, another thing, could you test (I really can't due to pc issues) Canyon Mines + Stinging Winds?
The reason is every time I go there it's packed with mobs and also many elites, with 3 to 4 shrines as well.

Due to the checkpoint issue, I'm starting to think:
Canyon + Stinging, get waypoint up there => Path to Oasis, clear Oasis + Ruins, get up there and => 3 Aqueducts into => Desolate Sands (u reach there by simply continuing) => 2 Halls and Mr. Bald Badass to top it off.

I had a blast doing it, I don't have to worry about checkpoints, and the illusion of getting tons of exp is huge due to fun, and I think it's no illusion.
But I need someone to test this with numbers, since I can't.
No love for A4?

I sometimes run it for some variations. the hell rifts are pretty sick too.

My run of choice (seems efficient and is fun)
A1: Leoric's manor, festering woods (2 caves for guaranteed elites), Field of Misery + the crypt there.
Question: how do u get to Storm Halls without losing VotA checkpoint?

Hug the southern edge of the walls as you walk there. You won't screw up your VotA checkpoint if you do. Make sure you tell your team or they'll invariably wander too far north and screw it up.
A2 is good. Forgotten Ruins (enter in Oasis), Eastern and Western Channels (enter from northeastern corner of Oasis), and Storm Halls (southernmost portal in the Terminus, part of Zoltan Kulle quest). If you have been sticking to A1 and haven't tried these yet, give it a shot... you'll find wall to wall monsters.
@ Scourger: I'm not too much of a fan of the Stinging Winds to be honest, ofttimes the density compared to other areas is quite low, i guess it has to do with the amount of doodads and structures placed on the map. The timed dungeon is great though if you come across it.
What i do often do however, to extend my Black Canyon NV, is to take the bridge south to the Howling Canyon, and do a semi-large circle of it, clockwise starting from 12:00 to the event that has the little girl illusion. Usually gives me 2 elites + the event if its there, and a few large packs of Lacuni and Fallens.

For A1 btw, i tend to love Cathedral 4. It's a bit out of the way because of the Cath 3 waypoint, but the density is sure worth it. (Stick to the walls for a giant square). Should check some day if the xp takes as big a hit as it does in the Weeping Hollow.
Oh and indeed as posted above, if you come across the crypt in the Fields with all the wretched mothers, take it!
Leo->Moon Clan Cave is a nice part i often take as well, i think it's xp/hr loses out a bit compared to the other areas mentioned, but elite density is high with 1-2 packs each for Leorics Manor, Courtyard and N-Highlands, density of monsters in the Barricade is great, and doing a semi circle in S for the Cave and the Watchtower is at least very varying.

Act 4 is still not really my piece of cake, i tried it a number of times starting from Cydaea with a NV buff from Tower 1/Keeps 3 or something. It doesnt feel too rewarding as the mobs are hard enough to hinder your farming speed so much you're better off an MP lower. Bosses take more time than they reward you with, and the density mostly comes from Bile Crawlers.
It is very nice for a change of pace though, the six bosses follow each other in very short intervals, and the Bile Crawlers are some of the largest packs you'll see in the game, they feel great to kill. Some of the elite affixes make for very fun challenges too, like Illusionist Morlu's who remind me of the days the A3 keywarden still sported it.

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