the trial of Jay Wilson

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jay wilson destroyed d3 and the diablo franchise.

but let's be fair. the guy is extremely, extremely good at making combat awesome.

you know how visceral and smooth combat is in d3? yup. that's all jw.

he may be arrogant, dismissive, stubborn and all that, but if there's one thing you have to credit jw for, is that he knows how to make fighting fun in games.


Now let's just hope Travis Day and John Mosquiera can make the end game better. If they can, we'll have badass and fun combat, and a great metagame.

For example, pretty much every skill I got as a DH is pretty fun and unique. The only problem is that the numbers on the vast majority of them are really whacky low.
Judge: Jay Wilson, you are charged with making a game that didn't live up to expectations as well as murder of a franchise. How do you plead?

Jay Wilson: ...Not guilty...

Courtroom Audience: *gasps* *Rabble Rabble*

Judge:Order! Order in the court please!

Are there actually any potential legal ramifications? I'm talking like up to 5 years in prison
Um. This is accounted as harassment on the forums. Before judging others, you need to learn how to respect the rules of this forum.
Go home with a ban.
Happy hunting in-game!
I love jay made game hard. Made legs rare . Man who said it would take a year to even beat game but so many whiners and entitlement babies raised and educated by communist washouts wanted ez hand GG drops every kill ruined the man.
Jay Wilson made the design decisions. Okay, the auction house was probably forced by the suits. Outside of that he made the final decision on everything. The team probably agreed with him, but he was the leader. As the leader, he has to take responsibility, and I think he did that in the two letters he posted here (the apology and resignation). I'm hopeful Blizzard will make the game great eventually. I think it's pretty good now, but still not as good as Diablo 2. It sold enough copies, it should last as long as WoW (10 years).

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