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The number one reason people want a ladder is because they think it will turn Diablo 3 into Diablo 2, and it wont. Just look at all the responses to the blue post, it's 90% 'like D2', 'similar to Diablo 2', 'exactly like Diablo 2'.

Everyone want it to be like Diablo 2 and it just wont happen, and that's why a ladder in Diablo 3 will utterly and completely fail.

I think people don't want this game to be d2. People want this game to be better than D2.

And most of the people want ladder because they want the feeling that they used to experience in d2 before as Wyatt has stated here:

I think it's better to review it and think twice and see if that makes any sense before putting personal assumption on things that why people are voting for ladder type of event to happen in this game.
06/23/2013 05:19 PMPosted by Vresiberba
The number one reason people want a ladder is because they think it will turn Diablo 3 into Diablo 2, and it wont.
Not me. I want a ladder because it gives Blizzard a chance to experiment with a fresh economy. Assuming that they provide a clean slate for the expansion, they will need that experience to get the game off to a good start.
I support ladder mode!
I have now stopped playing diablo 3 altogeteher its just so dull . a endless farming spam with very little point in carrying on. This is very dissapointing for me as i played diablo 2 untill d3 came out. thats nearly 15 years and the reson i played so long? simple it was because of the ladder. Im thinking its time to forget d3 altogether and go back to playing d2. a vastly superior game in most respects. I don,t unerstand why starcraft players are so well looked after after by blizzard where as diablo 2 players dumb and will play any old !@#$?? come on blizzard pull ur finger out. And as for people who are agaist diblo 3 ladder .i. up yours basicly u dont have a clue what ur on about.

on another note I recomed Day Z a todays proper hard core rpg online experience. its only a mod and it pissses on diablo 3 from a great hight.
Maybe bring in a ladder at the same time as an endless dungeon.

You could have different types of ladders.
HC and SC
Normal and Self found

Choose how you want to play at an option before you start the game, then enter the dungeon in town like you do in PvP

Every level could have the same number of monsters. Make it with a timer and you have to clean every monster out before the door to the next level will open. The more DPS you do the faster you will get down the levels, but you might not have the defense to go as deep, and have time added when you die.

The reason for every level having the same number of monster is to separate ladder positions.
eg, 2 people make it to level 10,

A: How many monsters into level 10 did they kill? (things like the Retching Cadaver in the Defiled Crypt and The Weeping Hollow only count as 1 no mater how many dead they rise)

if its still the same then

B: How fast was it done?

There could be sp and co-op ladders
It wouldn't need monster power considering the deeper you go the harder its going to get anyway.
When you quit (or HC die :-( ) your score goes onto the ladder.
Then you can do it again and try and get a better score, or just go back to normal game play.
Then Ladder and Non-Ladder can still play together and ladder resets will have no affect on anyone's items. Play the self found dungeon if you don't like how it is now with items. Just put all your items into your stash before you start.
Or there could be a separate endless dungeon stash if items were brought into the game that could only be used in it, and if you wanted to play normally you had to take those items off and restart the game, and your ladder stash would be locked.
My personal view:

-The itemization patch should be implemented before ladder/ In the current state it's not feasible.

-Ladder and self found go hand in hand. No auction house and trading, a race to level 60.

-Once the race is over the top 100 will be given a badge on their accounts. This shows the highest rank you've achieved in ladder mode. You can keep improving this badge by gaining a higher rank.
Make it show to everyone, either on the portrait colouring the name of the player. I'm sure you'll think of something!

-We can only speculate on (special) items, because itemization is going to change. Yes there should be unique items in ladder mode you can't find in the other parts of the game. NOT over powered with plain stats.

Fun effects like a massive thunderstorm occurring or an angel coming down and cleansing demon corruption. Maybe even an item that commands a Goblin to follow you and pick up gold, when it has picked up a certain amount it tries to open a portal which you can enter teleporting you to a secret level. And shinies of course, we need cool effects on our gear!

-Characters serve no need to transfer to normal mode once the race is over for these reasons:

a.One class can respec infinitely, no need for double chars.
b. The biggest reason people would want this is to transfer high end items to normal mode. This may never happen!

Maybe give out some special (account) items to the top 10, Allowing them to alter looks of gear or some special effects to their spells. (toggle)

-I cannot stress enough that it should be a self found mode, people would simply buy their way into this otherwise.

Find a way to stop bots from entering in ladder AT ALL.
People suspected of botting shouldn't be allowed, nor playing more than x hours a day. This way hardcore players can still win the race vs bots. They farm more efficiently and as there is an x hour cap on daily play even if there were bots, they certainly wouldn't reach top 100. By limiting play hours to human play time, bots simply can't run 24/7 and thus won't win.

Remember, bots aren't better than humans, they just "play" longer.

And to top this off, ladder is not only a core in the Diablo genre, it is NEEDED to fix Diablo. The economy is doomed currently and nothing but a fresh mode (heavily regulated) would ever fix this.
Lylirra: I would like to see a ladder system that is similar to Path of Exile leagues. Now the idea that I am taking is not the idea of multiple leagues but the point and reward system.

I would like to see players being able to earn points throughout the ladder season. Then after getting x amount of points the ladder character gets an item that is a ladder only item. You make it where there are rewards for every point bracket.

Let's say you have players that could earn up to 500k points. The first prize could be set at 25k points and it would be a good prize then every x amount of points a new prize is awarded. This way you do not have to get to the top in order to be rewarded for playing.

Then like D2 after the ladder season is over the ladder characters are reverted to normal characters. while allowed to keep the ladder only items. This way the ladder items can make it into the economy for those that do not want to play on the ladder.
if there was ladder with no AH in ladder mode but trading instead i would come back to d3 in an instant
A ladder set up like it was in D2 would be terrible. There were many drops that you could not get in D2, and many rune recipes that did not work, unless you were in ladder. That made playing in ladder essentially a *requirement,* unless you didn't mind gimped drops and runewords.

There were petitions to make offline single-player and non-ladder play just as feature filled, but they were ignored by Blizzard.

Of course, in those days Blizzard had an incentive to get people playing on bnet rather than single-player (ad revenue), which is probably why they ignored the requests. In D3's case, the incentive doesn't exist, since everyone has been forced to use bnet already.

I personally think there's nothing wrong with a ladder, so long as you don't make it a de facto requirement (qualified as I did above) like you did in D2. It essentially killed D2 in its later years, when the ladder seasons were ridiculously short (sometimes just a few months), forcing players to rush rush rush if they wanted to enjoy any decent high-level play (without gimped drops and runewords) before all their work was dumped into the gimped non-ladder league.
A Ladder mode with self found only and no AH and I'd be "ALL IN" the idea ,but Blizzard still needs to do a better job of balancing build diversity more evenly before they should add a ladder mode.

Then again ladder mode is a good way of show casing build diversity because until you reach 60 you can't just do the epeen min/max build so it might highlight other builds flaws further which is good.
yeah mate, which is the reason to reroll, 5 classes with the max of 3 viable builds each. There is no talent system, there is no reward system, and if they do anything like so, this will be against the player and against of what i payed for. Since there is no offline mode, this is first of all unfair, and second of all just dumb. Maybe i bought the game to occasionally play it, why should i have putted my characters in a separate category, am i different only because i do have a life and play once in a while a game?
And this unfortunately is not even against TOS and is unfair, i just stopped to read it :| i must say they have an ironmaden TOS ... lol now i see...look to this:

"Blizzard may replace this Agreement with new versions (each a “New EULA”) over time as the Game and the law evolve. This Agreement will terminate immediately upon the introduction of a New EULA, and you will be given an opportunity to review and accept the New EULA. If you accept the New EULA, and if the Account registered to you remains in good standing, you will be able to continue playing the Game subject to the terms of the New EULA. If you decline to accept the New EULA, or if you cannot comply with the terms of the New EULA for any reason, you will no longer be permitted to play the Game. New EULAs will not be applied retroactively. Blizzard may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Game at any time. Blizzard may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Game without notice or liability."

THIS MAKES me scream and points out how much c.rap Blizzard gives about us :|
This is maddness and idk why i've accepted, hope one of them one day they will get what they deserve
bump yawn
I think anything that can add some flavour to Diablo 3 is a good idea. Of course the Devs need to work on Loot 2.0 first but why not have a separate Self-found mode, Ladders, and maybe some other surprises!
ive never liked ladders, i wont mind if ladders are added and optional.
We WANT ladder in D3 for the SAME and various reasons that we like it in D2!
That alone should be enough for you to include it in D3! SEQUEL!

Not everyone feels the same way (meaning, not everyone would like a ladder for the same reason). You may agree on concept, but disagree on execution for example. That's why more detailed posts are usually more useful in these situations. :)

im not sure if a ladder would be good for this kinda game where real money is involved, and if this would be something that consol would implement i don't see this as a good idea because if you were to take a break and want to come back to D3 you would expect to start from where you left off, and then finding out there is content only restricted to ladder, i would go back to playing COD or the new GTA but if you were to come back and find out there is new areas and fresh content would be exciting like when the game was first released and i dont think a ladder is what is needed at this point, if you want to keep people playing content, content, content bigger ares new maps endless dungeons new skills new items, better events randoming spawing boss's with huge waves of monsters what happened to D Clone? charms and runeword's were very cool, lets get some stuff to put into are inventorys, gets get some jewels to put into items most of the all players are all cookie cutter use the same skills same moves there no varity or orginality that the player can decide for him or her self, meaning more diverse build's that are viable on high mp, i like helfire rings but there need to be more to ubers than a ring this game is lacking content... character customization would be really cool, if you could for example use the windfore animation and put it on an echoing fury or put it on a chest piece let's have people feel more original about their toon let the players decide how they look what about skills infused with other skills example a Whirlwind barb that can use multishot as it Whirlwinds or a deemon hunter that can use acid cloud on its sentory some sort of other cross class traing where you can learn other skills other than your main toons use your imagnation could be very cool WE NEED MORE STUFF TO DO Bottom Line

I'm not a huge fan of threads that simply are looking for "+1" comments (since that doesn't really let us know why something is meaningful to you, just that you want it), so let's turn this around.

First, in case you missed it, here's Wyatt talking a bit about the possibility of ladders with Archon on his anniversary stream (transcript courtesy of

What about ladders?

Wyatt: There are two aspect of ladder, both of which I think are interesting. One is the competitive ladder aspect, the race to the top. The other is the economy reset, this fresh sharded off economy where everyone begins clean. As you've probably found with all your self-found hardcore playing, it's really fun to level up new characters. In that experience, typically my character is growing ever more powerful, but the frequency of my upgrades is getting farther and farther apart. So when I level from 1-60, I'll find an upgrade for my character every 15-20 minutes. Particularly if you're playing self-found, you've experienced that; every 15-20 minutes maybe I'll replace a glove, or a shoulders or a belt. And that's pretty cool. Then when you hit level 60, if you're still self-found, you're finding an upgrade maybe every 45 minutes or an hour. That rate of upgrade gets slower and slower with time, as your gear continues to improve, and gets better and better.

Then you use the Auction House, and you hurtle yourself forward. So you go from getting an upgrade every hour, to now if you were to continue to farm, you'd get an upgrade every 5 hours or every 10 hours, or even farther. So I think one of the benefits of a ladder is just this idea that it's really fun to start fresh, and experience this rapid rate of upgrading, again. A ladder is a great excuse to do it. Sometimes we all want to do it and we can choose to do it, but sometimes it's nice to do it together, as a global community. Or have a recognized badge of honor, for having done it.

So I assume the ladder is something that you would be excited about, but something that also is a little loaded?

Wyatt: We're definitely looking into the possibility of a ladder, or something like that. I personally -- this is just me speaking and there are other people on the team who would disagree with me, so I'll say that, it's just my opinion -- I'm more excited about the reroll and clean economy aspect of ladder seasons, than I am of the race. I know the race is exciting too, and there's pictures of people who are getting ready for the new season. They have all their caffeinated drinks on their desk, and I think that's epic and awesome, if not always healthy. But realistically, yeah it's something we're cool with. It wouldn't be viable until an expansion.

Second, now time for the details! What exactly would you want from a ladder system? For example:

- How would you ideally like that system to work?

- How long would you like the resets to be?

- How many characters do you think players should be able to create for ladders? (Do you think they should take up the existing slots you have?)

- Should there be an auction house for ladder characters?

- Should there be any special items or perks for ladder-only characters? If so, what kind?

- What kind of restrictions, if any, should be placed on ladder characters?

- Do think players should be able to bring their ladder characters into "non-ladder" once a reset is complete?

- Is it necessary for ladders to be competitive, or is it enough for players to just see for themselves how far they can go on their own?

- Why would ladders improve your in-game experience?

[url=""]Muertdogg's post[/url] is actually a great example of feedback that's great for me to pass on. I love the pro/con breakdown he provided for all the different types of ladder options out there, and why each option is meaningful (or not meaningful) for him as a player. Would love to see more discussion along those lines. :)


how long has it been since this game launched into fiery pieces?

We want a true successor of D2, its not just a ladder.

Why do you people insist on being so dense.....
I dont think that having no ladder is anything close to being an issue for D3
Look to all ladder suporter lol

1- Crappy gear
2 - Crappy build
3 - No life gamer

Ladder in D3 in this current state makes NO SENSE

Bring D2 game into D3 nd now ladder would make sence
The problem is not the ladder ... it's the ladder reset each years

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