Rate the monk above you. v-do you even lift?

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Second time this month starting this, so... FIRST!

have at it ladies and gents.


I'd write something more helpful, but it looks like your monk would have no trouble soloing ubers 10, so...

I'd say at this point you should start hoarding DEs and go crazy with the crafting.
@ Tech 1/10

Dude ur weapons

@Topian Those gloves!!! and Nice shenlongs 8.5/10
Your main hand needs LS or at least more DPS.
But decent and solid monk it looks like.

Nice monk!

Armor's a bit low and could do with better gloves but all in all, nice!

@ Espilar

Lets go with 6/10; just need to start upgrading that gear as you can.

Not bad, but your EHP seems lacking even with those amethysts.

Go for a higher vit Inna's and craft a dex armour, which can still roll 200 vit and life%.
I love your weapons!


Upgrade the gems in those weapons for another 5k DPS. You also have room to improve with some better crafted bracers, crafted gloves, and Inna pants (9% and more vita). However, the biggest issue I have is with your main weapon's low LS. If you are planning to go dual LS soon, then it's a keeper, but if you plan to stay with single LS, then you need to be getting 2.9%+ LS for high MP play.

Kudos for a very nice Shen fist and really good mitigation without OWE.



Edit: Too slow typing so I am rating you too now.

So much good stuff, but the low stats on the WKL are really hurting your DPS. More base DPS and better lightning mods are a very obvious, but expensive upgrade. The great thing is that it is just one piece. Very nice balance overall.

8.0/10, but a big time WKL would kick you up to 8.5 or even 9.0.
@AZsnowstorm 9/10 - I am basically trying to build similar (but with phys resistance) as my alternate set of gear to my TR monk. Your profile looks great. Great damage on top of huge EHP. I see you are only sporting 3% LS - is that ok for you on MP10 ubers/VOTA etc?

I haven't tried MP10 ubers, so SB might be a problem for me, but otherwise MP10 is not an issue at all. Thanks for the rating; I am still working on the slow climb to 200k while trying to keep everything else more or less as is. It's going to take crafting, gems, and levels, but I'll get there eventually.

I have a nice SnB HotA barb that can sleepwalk MP10 ubers, so I just use him for that chore (and not much else).

A well balanced monk with smart gearing, there's a lot of room to improve which is really nice, do not be discouraged by that.
a cc nat ring, a crafted amulet, crafted shoulder or even crafted archon armor of dex
but right now you got a good monk to play with
i come in peace

I got skipped! Raaaaate me!

@XinFanChen 73k Kills, nice! Love your amulet. Thats a nice WKL too, too bad its not a tad higher on the + lightning skills. Good dps and good survivability. Could always shoot for a bit more armor and vitality but I bet you are pretty comfortable doing most things. 9/10

Nice balance monk! Not much comment on your gear. You may try to change better Tal chest with high vit, high resist and 9% iAS and better OH that is similar to your MH dmg and consider high LS weapons too (8/10)
I am confident I have rated ManU before. And as before, I still maintain you need to change your name to Arsenal.


Damn fine monk. Seriously, Nice!
It kills me that your Paragon 100 and have a MF affix on your rare ring. Somewhere out there is a better ring because it has an affix you can use. Both your Gloves and Bracers can roll better, but I blame that on Blizzard, not you. (how does that stun work for you on the gloves? Drop the Echo (Fear Sucks) .. that’s all I have.

-Carrig O'Dailach

[edit] Nice, Much better without the Echo.

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