No Dogs build is legendary heavy

Witch Doctor
So I know right now almost all builds are legendary heavy. Crafting pieces is BiS if you can get a good roll most of the time. But with certain builds like 0 dogs witch to me has been very fun since I switched to it recently. But right now gloves are the only piece that can be upgraded threw crafting or a drop/ah. Yes my gear isn't that great but gearing for certain builds means you have to have certain pieces of gear since only certain pieces come with +skill.

Am I wrong with this? I know some rares come with +skill but you cannot craft such items right so yeah the system is broken.
Here's my 0 dogs build. Got my pickup radius at like 21 yards
You could craft an amulet that has +attack speed, the gloves could upgrade for sure, and it would be possible, but tough, to upgrade the shoulders.

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