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Just thought I would throw on my tin foil hat and ask this question:

Do you think Blizzard will release itemization with 1.0.9 and if so , will they release said patch only

with expansion to try and entice us into buying it ? No idea if that would be possible though , just

a wild theory. Any thoughts ?
I thought they already confirmed that 1.09 was the itemization patch? I'm sure that patch will do a lot to improve itemization, but the expansion is most definitely going to improve on it quite drastically as well.
they never said 1.0.9 was the itemization patch as far as I know of. people just assume it will be.

the itemization patch will take a while to come out, probably, because they can't afford to screw up items like the screwed up with the AH dupe bug.
im guessing its in the expansion that they will announce soon.
1.09 will be the itemization patch and it will come out long before an expansion.

Expansion won't be out till at least 2014.
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It was announced in a prophecy long ago that 1.0.9 will be itemization patch.

With his gift of clairvoyance, Snakefist predicts there needs to be more than one (itemization patches).

Long before that, in a dawn of man, patch 1.10 was announced to be PvP patch, we now have some PvP, and than it supposed to represent DeathMatch PvP patch.

Expansions are announced in 2014 and 2015, in a dusty old roadmap.

Reality bites: Blizzard announces patch, month passes, Blizzard puts patch on PTR, month passes, patch become 'official', even if it's always identical to initial.

So, July and half of August, if patch is detailed today. However, console version is scheduled September.

No-one is working on PC patches. And not until October/November we cannot expect any serious patch. Why should we, the game is perfect?
I still doubt they will get itemization right even after 1.09 , so 2014 expansion is looking like the next good time to pick this game up.

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