I've got 1000/2000 damage per hit/crit...AMA

Witch Doctor
So my WD has:

46-46 damage
2073 Int
29% CC
100% CD
1.4 APS

Which means white hits are 1000 and yellow hits are 2000 by default.

Atm I'm just doing random testing like seeing what monsters' resistances are, if tooltips display the correct amount of damage etc but I'm running out of ideas.

Random facts I've found so far I haven't seen anywhere on the net yet.. :

-[s]Cloud of bats at max damage is = 482.4% per tick? not sure why less than 500%[/s]working as intended (had rounding error)... 12 hits in 4 secs i think (anyone know breakpoints

-Poison darts crit once for the first hit and once for the dot (probably common knowledge but yeah)

-Spirit walk - severance ticks 8 times in 2 seconds at 1 APS for 450% weapon damage. each tick can crit. also you don't have to 'move through enemies' as long as they are in melee range it hits them

-All constructs and all spiderlings spawned by the obelesks take exactly 25% less damage from their respective element. other mobs that would seem to have an affinity for a particular element don't have resistance to it e.g. Accursed/Heralds are NOT resist to poison; fallen mages aren't resistant to arcane or fire etc. it seems rare (at least in NM/Normal)

-Diablo isn't resistant to anything! neither are the dopplegangers.

-Goat mages in A3 and tremor shields reduce damage by exactly 80%.

i wanna update this and maybe write a guide with collected info
res in case
It takes CoB all 5 seconds to charge up to 1000% weapon damage.

Yea breakpoints for CoB are somewhere, carefully studied, also showing the above statement.

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