New monk build

Hello guys,

The idea of ​​this topic is to try to get away a bit of the conventional and expand the options of builds. Who has some nice build and DIFFERENT from most used, can post here. I'll post one that I created this afternoon. I gave the name of this build firebuilder.

The build is here:!XWU!YbbZcY

Basically, the main elements of it is the mantra of evasion - backlash, Lashing Tail Kick - Spinning Flame Kick and sixth sense (the way the guardian also serve). For her work well, you should have a good chance to dodge and generation of mind. The idea of ​​this build and cause extra damage against blow through, spin kick and reap what you sow.

I tested it in the fields of misery in MP 10 and it proved very effective. I had tested with the rune firestorm - sweeping winds, which was really nice aesthetically, but I missed of more spirit , so I changed for inner storm.

If you can try and say what they thought would be cool.
Anyone else have any build "exotic"?

I can't say it's new, but it's definitely something I have been working on, in terms of refining and stuff. I just created a thread about this, but you can definitely read up on it if you wish:

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