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I don't play d3 much anymore. I still use the RMAH regularly. Recently, I decided I wanted to do a few runs because I was very bored. The most recent patch has caused me to not be able to stay in any game I make. I always get a message as soon as I join saying "Network Disconnect - The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server."

I'm not quite sure what is causing this issue. I'm not having any connectivity issues. I am always able to surf the AH. I can play other games(such as WoW) with absolutely no connectivity issues. I play streams while I play games also, and they never cut out due to connectivity. Why is Diablo III the only thing that causes me to get this?

I tried reinstalling the game and it didn't help. I recycled my modem. It's not my firewall. All my hardware is up to date. Any ideas?
to start, provide a pathping so we can see if there are any network issues along the route from you to blizzard.

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