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Hello fellas , I have been looking for good players to play with for quite sometime

Here is my Link to my Main http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Atonement-1756/hero/16923339
or just type in Atonement#1756.

For those good players out there , if you are interested In doing some runs please send me an invite =D
I'll add you tonight. My profile dps isn't nearly as impressive as yours, but my effective dps in game is good.
What's your definition of "decent" lol.

You can add me if you like.
If you think I'm decent, add me. lol.

I don't always play many hours a day, but when I'm on, I'm usually doin key runs, uber runs... acts 1,2,3. Though I'm up for whatever. Playing times vary, but usually after 8PM AEST, or weekends randomly throughout the day.
im the biggest baller in hear so add me and i will carry your squishy DH >_< lol
Add me if you want, smithenberry#6347
Do you carry Monks with blue boxing gloves?

you dont need to bump more than once a week in the aus/nz forum and it will still be in the top 5 post

06/20/2013 01:24 AMPosted by Smithenberry
Add me if you want, smithenberry#6347

Dude - you have some serious gear for so little play time - cost you much?
Add me if you like as well erionius#1168 usually on after 8PM AEST
Feel free to add. My barb hits like a truck.
I'm also looking for the same. Get bored doing MP10 key runs by myself, some decent aussie companions would make it interesting. Hit me up with a friend request gagfc#6931
I donated 5b to Archimonde so he could buy those blue boxing gloves. I also regularly give away health potions. If you think this makes me a decent player, please add.

Jokes aside, you should have a look here for a pretty comprehensive list of active AU/NZ players http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8196651477

mp10 barb need more ppl to play. have been away from game for months need more friends lol. no idea why it shows my dps as 146k.. its like 220 unbuff with soj
Haha i dont think DPS is everything..... its just all for display which kinda looks cool but if u cant survive its no point. ;)

I think im doing ok for my DH add me if you like =)
Add me if you think you can catch up with my barb :P
XP runs and DE runs are my fav.

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