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1. Okay so there's no such thing as online only characters? They are all saved locally on the machine or backed up via psplus cloud saves?

2. blizzard is not going to host any online servers, save any characters, or provide any matchmaking or game finding of any kind???

3. we MUST, if we want to play with friends at their house, either use PS+ or manually copy our saves over?

If these are true, why? Why not just have online chars vs offline chars like in D2? Why not have bnet like in D2? What if we want to do some random PUGs with random people, or do multiplayer when my friends aren't on? Just SOL?
about the software and I bought it online I need the code plz
1. Yes all stored locally or on PS+ cloud.

2. Nope. But i thought was already used for matchmaking?

3. Yes.

Because they're lazy.

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