WTS Glass Cannon Gear!

Demon Hunter
I've had a lot of fun playing as a glass cannon but it really isn't my thing so I'm selling some of my gear. Please post below with offers or pm me in-game (all bad offers will be ignored). Thank You!


DPS: 1165.8 (1500 with Radiant Star Ruby)
CD: 96


DPS: 1310.1
KB: 48

Zuni Trail:

8% Poison Damage
197 Dex
161 Int
122 Vit

Andy Helm:

Dex: 243
IAS: 9
Fire Damage: 9%

Inna Pants:

Dex: 180
Str: 64
IAS: 9
Sad to see you go. Glad you had fun! Keep on DH'n
It was fun just not worth it when playing in public matches

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