LF : upgrade msg me if u have

Witch Doctor
Hi guys, its hard for me to find upgrade now so if u have better gear msg me ingame to link it to me
I search mainly for better vision,trail,gloves

Might want to look for an average damage Tal's while you're at it. It'll be expensive, but it'll probably give you more of a DPS boost than pushing Int on the boots would.
I just check for the fun and the best one in RMAH at 250$ give me 483dps less

1 marquise topaz give me over 5.5kdps
That one's a 5%. You can find 6%, 10 CC ones with high Int, but they're pretty rare.

Should you find one, it should yield more damage than pushing Int by 20-30 on the boots.
I actually found a better Tal upgrade path for you than average damage. This one that I'm selling yields 39 stats at the cost of 4 CD:

6% Poison
285 Int
183 VIt
61 CD
10 CC

If you pull an Amethyst from the Inna's and resocket with the Topaz from your current Tal, you end up gaining 11 Int and 28 Vit.

You can conceivably pick up another 17 Int and 130 or so Vit on a Tal, so you're leaving a lot on the table with that socketed one. Price gets ugly in a hurry as you go over 500 stats with a 6% roll, but you're at the point where you should start thinking about upgrades like this.

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