Character/Stash Limitations on console?

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Will there be the same restrictions/limitations in regards to number of characters, and the size of the available stash space for the console versions?

I ask as I play most ARPG games in the collector role, trying to locate one of every unique/legendary item that exists in-game. Currently this is practically impossible on the PC version due to stash restrictions (only 3 pages!) and the 10 hero limit.

So i'm wondering if these will be lifted somewhat on the console version?
I'm not too sure about the stash thing but with how many heroes you can have(this is a guess in all honesty) I'd say we can have as many as we want as long as our hard drive can hold it which for xbox terms, the biggest game save ive seen of mine is around 10-15 Mb and thats if each character counts as having a save game file for each specific character instead of bundling the whole thing together like with what codemasters do with there gamesaves.
I know that the inventory has a 60 item limit as opposed to a space so I'd say the stash will be similar. I haven't seen any gameplay footage of the Stash but it's definitely sitting there in town.
Considering there is no AH, you will likely be holding lots of other gear for potential new characters and also to trade with your friends. For these reasons I'd hope that the Stash would be much larger.

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