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is the console game going to be on the same server as the computer version or will it have its own server/economy/itemization?

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Will there be an Auction House for the PS3 & PS4 versions? If so, will there be a Real Money Auction House too?
The console version of Diablo III will not include a gold or Real-Money Auction House, but players will still be able to exchange items with others during play.

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While the blue post doesn't explicitly say that the console will have it's own server, as it does say that it will not have access to an AH it would be safe to say that the console game servers would also be different since they are AH free. Not to mention they have an offline mode, which opens the door for hacking and easy dupes. Just one more reason to assume "no" to your question.
well.... at least the computer game will have its distinctions from the console version. and with the exception of the economy mishap, the pc game can protect some of its integrity

check that ..... maybe i shouldnt go so far as to say the word integrity when discussing the thought process of the making of this game lol.

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