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@ jiddd.

Thanks but what do u mean by effective dps?
@ jiddd.

Thanks but what do u mean by effective dps?

@jiddd 7-10 great dps good armor you need more resistance tho keep tweaking ur gear ur not far away

Really great gear man, Awesome Chantodo wand and Unity ring.
Trying to get my wizard closer to something like what you have!
hmm, idk how to rate that 8/10 my best guess
@shaman 7/10 good gear overall


Nice toon, i'd look at getting rid of some of that life for dps. That way you can drop GC and up your EHP a bit. Better to cut off 20k hp then run GC in my opinion.

Nice wiz!
@balyboii since you are meteor build, I cant really rate you using CM standard.

@ Blazers sweet bro. 9.5/10 really no flaws in your setup. 5k-10k more HP while keeping your dps?
@Sagittarius, your gear is very top notch, as are most ppls in this thread. Maybe tweaking to gain a touch more armor? I am not super familiar with the "max" rolls on items. Your Vit is amazing, perhaps swapping a bit of that on an item roll, for armor.

9/10, but in comparison to me its more like an 11/10. Very nice.

5/10 only because of your MH, why you no put chantodo will ?
but overall good stats

you could change your storm crow for a crit chc one

Thanks, I picked up one for 100k, and it added 18k damage, first time I'm over the 100k damage mark. I liked the LOH on the other one, but without it I still have 1.5 k LOH - and after a few runs, seemed like enough.

Thanks again
jhunter, try to convert all your vit gems to int gems while maintaining 40k health.
Best place to pick up more vit is your source. You can get a crit% storm crow for pretty cheap.

Great mitigation. Can improve in many items if you keep going through SC way. By the time you go to Mempo+Apoc offhand, you'll be able to change that lacunis for a crafted ones (more DPS and Ehp) thanks to mempo's IAS.
@amlet 8/10

pretty decent mit dps and loh, id work a bit on more hp as some burst is probably still giving trouble, with ur mit id say get some 7-8k hp more. Good spot could be crafting more bracers as theyre good for dps but could be much better ehp wise. Do love ur ammy and shoulder crafts. Very good cc too.

cant see your profile at all.
@insi9nia you have a lot of hp, maybe you can try swaping evocation with glass cannon to improve your dps
07/05/2013 02:49 AMPosted by insi9nia
cant see your profile at all.

click in eu
... I don´t think I can get better than this.... I run out of gold, and gears are too expensive right now...
If I find anything valuable I would try to buy a better chantodo's force and wand.
dc2k really awesome wizzy. 10/10! I dunno how I possibly improve you lol. Maybe AR/armor WH?

Try crafting some amulets and u might find something good! Same with gloves. I got lucky on minr reaaally lucky.
Got skiped, would like a feedback on my wiz if anyones interested

Might as well rate you @VocaloidNyan , chantodos force is your next upgrade, more av dam will get you more dps, maybe craft some shoulders for higher main stats
good defense though, 7,9/10

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