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A few things that could really help you:

1) You're way over the 2.5001 bp. With a 1.64 wand, you only need +53% IAS - you have 58%. IMO, get IAS on your Ammy to hit the 2.7272 bp, or, and I think this is best, get more IAS on your rings and drop the Lacunis for some crafted bracers.

Crafted bracers will most assuredly provide you with significantly more DPS and MIT, and a few hundred crafts should yield a really nice upgrade. You're missing 5 total IAS on your rings (one's a 7, other is a 6) - just add 4 IAS somewhere between those 2 rings and that will keep you at the 2.5001 bp.

More dps + more MIT = WIN

2) Your CC is way too low to maximize the efficiency of CM via SNS. Ideally you'd be in the 55-60% range, and you're only at 49%. Granted, you have +3% from your scoundrel when soloing, but in group play, 49% is way too low. Plus, adding CC should give you a nice dps boost.

Now while the EHP from IC boots is great, it's hard to beat the +7% CC and high MT of the Nat's 2-pc bonus. IMO, sell your IC's and Unity ring (you won't need that 221 LoH if you get more mit) and pick up a nice Nat's set for whatever fits within your budget. You should notice a HUGE improvement with your freeze capability and experience smoother runs with the added CC. If you could get a Nat's ring with AR, that would be ideal, which leads me to my 3rd point.

3) Lastly, your AR is really low. Like really low. I understanding why you're running EA/PrisArm for the added armor/AR, but doing so is a huge DPS loss. Running SA/SA will improve your eDPS by at least 30%. To do so, I would suggest trying to pickup a Nat's Reflection with AR (if you can afford it), buy tri-int-gloves with AR, and, although you're gonna hate me for saying this, swap out your crafted shoulders for some Vile Wards. I know you get a ton of HP/DPS from your crafted ones, but the extra Armor/AR from Vile's will add some good numbers to your MIT.

At 200k dps, you should be able to easily and efficiently farm mp8/9 if your MIT is good enough. I imagine with your low AR, low CC, and the fact that you're running EA, you struggle even at mp6/7.

4) Swap your FN rune to DF. Yes, reduced CD is nice, but if you're farming, you'll have a constant +15% CC up from DF that will yield better freeze, higher DPS, and faster farming efficiency)

If you're willing to make some changes to your gear (and hey, you could always equip those shoulders later on if you get more AR from other pieces), I'm certain you'll notice some big improvements with your gameplay experience. Plus, being able to farm higher mp's yields better results, so why not make a few changes so you can do so.

Definitely some room for improvement, but overall, great start. 6.5/10

And for whoever wants to review my newer SNS wiz, here's a link:

@Severinze: 7.8/10 well balanced, still room for more but nice !

Hmm...not sure my critque would warrant anything on you as you are well beyond me. Would love feedback on mine tho...
@ sev

Pretty similar to what my setup looked like prior to rolling my tri ammy and going from 2.51 to 2.73. The only thing that really stands out to me is the lack of ar and/or armor on your bracers, so I'd keep rolling those. Considering your cc is already fairly high (and then add bone chill on top of that), you could afford to lose a percent or two in lieu of some ar/armor. Other than that, you're looking pretty solid until you roll ias on your ammy and go up to 2.73. I give it a 7.5/10.

@ poo

IMO your stats could use some work. Try to get some vit on your viles, look for a better vit roll on your ic's, upgrade gems, swap vit lacuni for int lacuni, and try to get some stats (int or vit) on your tri ring. Also you should look at upgrading your chants to a higher dps one. Keep in mind you have some overcap for ias so you can either look for a higher dps/lower ias one, or stick with a 1.64-1.65 so you have some wiggle space when you upgrade other items. 6.5/10.
I'm not actually a CM wiz, (archon), so my gear is a mix of good and crap while I test it out. I'll have an apoc wand, but it's still processing on the AH: http://imageshack.us/f/593/t30r.jpg/ Thought I'd give this a go and see how I stacked up and what I should work on if I wanted to start CM for real.

@ horaiyo - everything looks pretty good, but I'd try and craft better shoulders if I was you. 7.5/10 (Could be way off - not exactly sure yet of what's good/great/bad for CM).
Fix me please appreciate your inputs..
just hit 60 last night. Wiz was my first character but deleted because I was a noob. But deleted more than him so I lost him forever and now I am in live all over again..

How do I compare?
07/05/2013 09:34 AMPosted by Ferdix
Fix me please appreciate your inputs..

Dang dude you got a lot of problems with ur wiz..

#1 attack speed to low, needs to be 2.74.

If you're going to use stormcrow you will need ias on pretty much every slot except boots and pants and if you're going to use a wand with socket it should be .24 or .25.

#2 crit chance is too low

Make life easier for yourself and use nats boots + ring. That's 7cc right there. Get a stormcrow with cc. 4cc stormcrow is cheap.

#3 not enough LOH.

You need 800+ LOH, get BT pants or unity ring

#4 16k life?
@Monsta 9/10

Fellow Nat Set bro with 297k DPS 90% MIT. Awesome.

You're pretty golden dude. You have all the requirements and then some. A little more HP would be nice and I feel like you would gain an awful lot by getting more Intelligence. However doing either of those things would be costly at best. Personally I prefer Zuni's over Nat's at this level for CM but I can understanding wanting the easy Crit Chance.
What can I say you have a text book SNS build with very high end gear. There really isn't any gear I would change in Infobiter's set up. It's dream gear. The build he chose is not one I personally like but its popular for a reason which is that its highly effective. The only thing I might change is the Unstable Anomaly passive.

9.3/10 (The only reason I don't give a 10 is you can always get better gear.)

I should add for the next person that I am a hybrid cm wizard which plays quite differently from SNS but this is an intentional choice. I could definitely use some advice on cheap alternative gear. The suit I have on is patched together from junk.
I like your build. i should give that a try 8/10 for being innovative. hope it works for you
@invalidmean : Great dps, but low sustain (LoH) and missing allres on 4 pieces of gear or so. I find I'm never as efficient when I play around with dropping teleport, not sure how you feel. That said, you probably kill so fast on mp8 and below it doesn't matter, but I'd focus on mitigation and sustain next.

7/10 for me

what an incredible set....every item is the top of its kind.

Get APoC source, drop the Storm Crow, Get a Mempo, get Inna's pants or stat heavy pants. Get 1100 DPS + Socket Chants wand.

Get APoC source, drop the Storm Crow, Get a Mempo, get Inna's pants or stat heavy pants. Get 1100 DPS + Socket Chants wand.

some drastic changes you've suggested...but i don't agree with them.

Need storm crow and blackthrones for LOh, ias wand for freezing ubers effectively. Most mempos does less dmg than my stormcrow, especially against elites. The difference is quite blatant when trying to freeze 1 uber with less than 3.01 ias in my opinion. Tried 2.74 and didn't like it.

i believe you need more mitigation. AR and armor.
Just use bubble for ubers, easy.

At 2.73 APS, I can wreck ubers easily (with bubble) You don't really need teleport.

My page isn't updated. I'm at 2.79 APS, 52k Life, 700 AR, 3600ish armor, 237k DPS. I'd like to find another armor/ar piece that doesn't sacrifice much. It's just super expensive.
Just use bubble for ubers, easy.

At 2.73 APS, I can wreck ubers easily (with bubble) You don't really need teleport.

My page isn't updated. I'm at 2.79 APS, 52k Life, 700 AR, 3600ish armor, 237k DPS. I'd like to find another armor/ar piece that doesn't sacrifice much. It's just super expensive.

Teleport was just for keeping up with a sprint barb / tr monk during essence farming.

Using ias bubble is not as good as time warp in terms of edps bonus. 25% dmg increase vs. 10% ias.

Especially when a hota and bell does so much dmg.

Not to mention the dmg multipliers for the CM wiz.

However, 2.73 can definitely be used towards ubers...i just don't find it as effective..personally...merely down to playstyle.
Just recently built mine with about a 50m budget, would definitely love some opinions on what to upgrade with a 150m budget.
Two piece Zuni with an attack speed/Loh Pox - then you could sac some stats and get Int/vita Inna's pants.

You'd get a pretty big DPS boost there.

I farmed MP7 with 40k life and 650 AR pretty well.

I've got a cheap Pox with loh/as if you're interested I'll work something out in game.

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