Left a while back. What do I need to know?

Demon Hunter
I left a while back, when DH's were all about glass cannons, devouring arrows, etc.

I'm reading some things that say DH's are tanks now, and the builds have completely changed. So, what did I miss, what do I need to know?
The better question would be, which playstyle do you prefer?

Glasscannon ranged is a viable.
Full on tank mode is a viable.
Semi-ranged tank hybrid is a viable.
Melee DH is a viable.
Thanks for directing me to this thread, I don't mean any disrespect by adding to the OP's topic.

Like the OP, I too am wondering the best gear sets for DH.

Personally, I would like to base my gear / build around Range / not so much tank but able to take more then 1 or 2 hits and be owned. If that is a choice. lol
@OP and Naviss

If you want to to play a ranged/semi glassy DH, just check out my DH to establish a sort of baseline as to what that style of DH looks like. Members of the Glass Cannon Clan, such as myself, limit the amount of armor, AR, and Vit they have to <4000, <400, and <1000 respectively, and focus on playing the DH as ranged.

One of the more popular hatred generators for the ranged DH is Entangling Shot-Shock Collar (I also use Justice is Served). The reason being: A) slow effect for Cull the Weak, B) the high proc rate, and C) it has the highest damage. Some GCs will get an ES DML which makes it even better.

As for other skills, Sentry is pretty popular, especially for Calamity users. Just plop em down and stutter step around it. Multishot is good (e.g. Shock Collar + Bola ID + Multishot fire at Will or Suppression).

Reagrding weapons, Calamity is probably the most popular weapon for the ranged DH (rubies work best for Calamity, and Emeralds work best for Dual Wield; if you want me to explain further I will).

As to which MP a DH geared such as mine can do, I feel most comfortable in MP 7 or 8 (I get griefed by Savage Beasts in the Fields on occasion, charged from off screen etc, I play on a Laptop, it's a challenge :).

I stopped using Gloom, except for MP 10 Ubers, and instead either run with semi perma Shadow Glide or Night Bane.

I would like to take a moment and make mention of one DH, DiEoxide, an absolute Virtuoso at creating builds, who really helped me break out of the rut I was in and try new things. His motivation lead to my creation of a Sticky Bomb build, which injected new life into D3 for me. Thanks DiE :)
I'd like to be a strong DPS, that can stay alive through inferno. my current build seems to be doing well in that ( i checked the stickied build FAQ thing)

I'm running: Devouring Arrow, Ball Lightning, Shadow Power: Gloom, Vault (Tumble), Preparation with Backup Plan, and I'm toying with the different Rain of Vengeance abilities, though I may go ba ck to either smoke screen or the familiar with Bat for the hatred regen, or try Sentry.

This build seems to be doing ok with my current gear (and I got super lucky and got two ring upgrades last night too, so I'm rather happy so far.) So if anyone could critique/suggest improvements for both the build and gear, I'd appreciate it."

Bear in mind, I'm poor. I have less than 2 million and I think I'm going to work towards getting hellfire ring next.
Do you have any of the archon crafting plans?

Right now, any archon chest you can craft will probably be better than what you have. In fact, you could probably get quick upgrades on your shoulders, gloves and bracers via archon pretty quickly as long as you have the plans. I'd gander that even your very first crafts (or 3) would be an upgrade on what you have.

Or if you'd rather get some set items, I'm looking at the AH now and you can get similar dex Natalya's Bloody Footprints boots for 175k onwards, you lose vit but gain quite a bit of all resist. Next, get a Nat's Reflection ring, cheapest with a socket is 200k to replace the one on your left hand. After that, get the cheapest Witching Hour belt you can find.

Just these few items alone will raise your dps massively.

If you don't have to craft an archon chest, you can opt to get Inna's Temperance (pants) and Inna's Embrace (chest) with 2 of those you'll get the 130 dex bonus meaning you can sacrifice some dex in other areas to get vit items instead.

As for that helm of yours, 22% additional fire damage is too much. Dump it, either look for one with single digit fire damage, or get a Mempo of Twilight and put a flawless square amethyst in it. Cheapest I see 280k with 175 dex. Lose a bit of damage but you'll get back more than worth in resist and HP.

And finally put some gems in that xbow of yours. Even a simple flawless square gem will help lots. You'll want to upgrade that bow eventually, maybe even switch to a calamity or windforce, or dual wield a pair of Danetta's but you're in no rush.

I have a spair quiver I could pass you, just add me in game.
I do not have archon plans, Hadn't even heard of them until now. I picked up the shoulders and gloves plans, but the chest is outside of my price range. 1.8 million for the plans. Still, something to work on, I appreciate your assistance.
I can help your gear out. I have a lot of extra gear I can give away. You can add me or refer to the forum post here.


Why do you need gear? Cause you probably want to play with friends that are on mp7+, and your gear is limiting you the option to do so.

As for skillset, it is based on opinion on how you want to play. You have to make sure that you can defend yourself while dealing good damage. Playing tank is far easier than playing range if you havr the gear to support it.
Thanks for all the advice and feed back. It has helped me make some more wise choices in my buying habits.

Though sometimes I'm alittle unaware if I'm paying to much for something vs getting what I need for the right price. :)
As someone that's also perenially poor, I search for the stats I want, sort by cheapest buyout price and look for something that costs half as much for maybe 10~20% less stats.
For gearing through the AH it is also worth bidding on items instead of buyout. It will help you to get a good idea about item prices. Look for an item you want and sort by time left. Look for the ones that have a couple of minutes left, usually there are some with only a few thousand gold bid. Place a bid on one of them that you like. If it is really only worth that couple of thousands you will get it and you will have an improvement for cheap. If it is worth more, you will usually be outbid in the last minute. Start raising your bid, but don't go cracy. Go for 20k or something. You will loose many of these bids, but you will get a feeling to what prices the items will raise. Avoid to get carried away in a "bidding war" ... always make a price check against BO for items you really want to get. So, that's just some general advice in the AH.

Also: be patient. If you don't get your item today, you will get it tomorrow :-)

E: most important advice: Don't start gearing before you have an idea on what your build should look like. Gearing choices will be dependent on your build and strategy (to some extent). Decide on your build, then decide on your weapon and then start gearing around that.

As for deciding on build and weapon, I recommend you experiment a little bit and then get a very cheap version of the weapon of choice (you will get Catas and Mantikors with low stats for very cheap). See if the playstyle is good for and then look for a better version of that weapon within your budget.

2nd E: the most prominent difference in gearing strategy is, if you want to gear for discipline or not. This will have the most impact on how your gear will look like.

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