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So the other day i bought a witching hour to replace my IK belt. I gained 14k damage but now am having trouble keeping my health up. Is 5.10% L/S not enough? Do i now need more VIT or did i just make a big mistake? I was doing MP 5 before the change without dying but now i am having i hard time because my health is going down real fast. Thank you for any help or advice as what to do now.
You lost a lot of AR making that switch, and lifesteal. You lost the 70+ ar from the belt and the 60 ar from the ik 2-set bonus. If you were doing fine before the switch, i would say the obvious solution is to go back to previous setup. What good is extra dps on a dead barb?
Yes lucky for me i haven't sold the IK belt yet so i guess i will just go back to that. I was just trying to be able to make my runs a little faster.
So for future upgrades do i need to keep my L/S at 8% and try to keep the AR bonus from IK set?
I would say use a solid ik belt and keep wh as one of the last pieces you upgrade when you can afford a sweet one with high all resist and your defenses are a little higher. There are still a number of improvements you can make to your set for improved dps/ehp while using the ik belt.
Ok thank you for the info. i will go back to my IK belt and start saving up gold again for better changes. Been trying to craft better gloves with VIT on them and shoulders with more AR with no luck what else can i work on?
double str mempo
higher stat ik chest
+ar or +vit on bracers (while keeping str/crit roll)
similar rare ring with more stats, possibly average damage, crit damage, vit, ar, etc (more than just 3 good stats)
rare pants with 200vit, 150str, ar and 2 sockets for more strength/vit combo
higher strength/vit on boots
higher dps LS skorn
Thank you so much. Looks like i've got alot of work ahead of me, but at least now i have an idea of where i have to improve on. Again thank you for the help.

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