Input limit reach whilst killing monsters? please help

Technical Support
literally every time I play Diablo 3 for more than 20 mins I receive this message "Input Limit Reached"
after this message I cannot send chat messages to my friends, I have made this post-blizzard technical support call where the kind sir at blizzard pretty much said he had no idea why it is happening to me and that I am the first person known person that this has happened to, if anyone else has previously or does expereince this what should I do?
I don't spam the creation of my games
I havn't used general chat since launch
and I know how proxy betting works for the most part thus i dont sit there spamming the bet button
this leaves me wondering why i fall under the criteria for this error message mid game?

genuine feedback is greatly appreciated
anyone :( ?
My first guess would be keyboard buffer overrun. Perhaps whilst playing, extra keystrokes aren't clearing from the buffer, and when it maxes, you get the error.
Maybe look at keyboard settings (in windows) or possibly hooking up an old generic keyboard and see if you still get the error?
Dark Khaos
I have been getting this same error message. I talked to tech and try said that i was the first to have this problem and that there wasnt any forums on my problem. Apparently he didnt look that hard because this sounds like the exact same thing i am experiencing. If you have heard of any resolution please be kind enough to let me know. I would love to be able to play diablo 3 and be able to talk to people.

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