Great Chest-crafting luck!!!

So I decided that I wanted to start gearing my monk to not use OWE, and decided a good place to start would be my chest, I looked at the price of an AR inna's chest with decent stats and said screw that, I'll just craft something, 20 crafts in I get this beast:

very happy right meow!
congrats on craft, nice
holy chests batman. Nice craft.
Cgrats! Really nice. Ive been trying, with limited luck. :/
Very nice! It took me 10x more crafts to come up with something even remotely similar. Even so it was very much worth it. : )
Nice craft!
Awesome craft! You hit the jackpot, man.

Side note: it's chests like these that really drive down the value of Mempos for Monks relative to Inna's Radiance. Assuming you ideally want a Witching Hour and Inna's Pants and can craft chests that are even better than Inna's Chest even with the set bonus, it means that the Mempo needs to be really good to be competitive with the +130 Dex you get from Inna's Radiance from the set bonus. (Not to mention the way that so many Monks would love to have other stats like Spirit Regen on the helm).

... But enough of that. The point of this thread is that Zambash is a total baller who crafted and awesome chest that's about half a roll away from 5 perfect affixes. Way to go, man.
That is one sweet chest. Maybe I can roll something like that in the future.
I never contemplated chest crafting...that thing is SEXY!
Thanks all, I certainly am very happy with it. It's funny, I been trying to get something like that for my barb for a while, I've crafted like 300 chests on him and no luck, got this one for my monk in <30 crafts. And yes Demiwraith that was exactly my thinking with crafting a chest. I can't afford a CC mempo so it's definitely Inna's radiance for me, and idc about the 3 piece bonus, so I was like man I betcha I can craft a chest way better than inna's for way less than the price of a high-stat AR inna's, lo-and-behold I could :D
I tried the same thing around 3 weeks ago. I ended up switching resist, because I crafted a great chest with lightning resist, and already had crafted ammy and bracers with those.

Cool that it worked for you though.
Holy buttpants nice chest. Dex bit on the low side though :(

I only wish my crafted chest rolled a cold res or AR instead of lightning res, then it'd be uber godly too.

According to d3up, my current helm + chest actually beats a 6CC Mempo + top end Inna's chest. It's 1000 times more economical too :)
06/19/2013 08:45 AMPosted by Flattylol
holy chests batman. Nice craft.

funny considering your name.
That's actually better than a perfect Inna chest!

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