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There has been a growing concern with a random minimize that will occur when a game in full-screen mode. My issue has been traced to a program called One Note for win 7 users. It could be other programs but that is what was doing it with my computer. With much research and a ton of Red Bulls I have found away to stop it from happening least for me, So I thought I would share. A program called Razor Game Booster stopped the issue from happening to my random minimizing issue. Razor Game Booster keeps focus on your game so others wont cause your computer to shift its focus.

The minimize happens when a program in the background shifts its focus to itself in my case Microsoft One Note. Now I could just uninstall it but I need it for college. This issue is often caused by an hourglass symbol on you mouse. This would cause it to do an alt-tab like action, and shift your focus to your desktop. Razor Game booster denies this action least it does for me. It's doesn't harm or crash your computer in anyway, least in my situation.

Razor game booster will also improve your game performance by ending unimportant unused programs.

Here is a link to where the program can be downloaded

Razor game booster:

It will ask you to install other non related programs it's up to you if you want them. I highly recommend reading all the fine print to make sure your installing the right programs.

I also highly recommend you perform a full virus scan because virus's has been known to cause similar issues. if you don't have an anti virus you can do a virus scan at this link


I hope this helps if you have any more questions or the issue didn't help leave a reply, I am a freelance Computer Tech so Ill do my best to help. Happy Hunting!
What growing concern? We very rarely see posts related to minimizing. This is not the first time I have seen this post, or one almost identical trying to promote fixing software conflicts by adding more software, that program in particular. In fact the other post was almost exactly the same wording wise too...either that or dejavu.

I am going to respectfully disagree with you here. There is no need for anyone to add another program on the system to resolve issues with background applications. Edit to say there are reports of it causing issues for some users and there are Blue responses asking people to remove it as part of troubleshooting. All the user needs to do is run in selective startup mode. Blizzard provides instructions here Booting into safe mode with networking enabled also works.

Also, any link for an antivirus program that has autostart in it makes me not even consider clicking it. Around here we recommend a few things

1. Malwarebytes (free is fine) for malware scans
2. Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender or Avast (all free) for virus scanning
Personally I trust Bit-defender. I suggested this program because using MSConfig can cause a lot of harm if not done correctly. Also booting into safe-mode only deters the issue. The program was a mere suggestion as an alternative to the msconfig idea.

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