What Character Would You Hang Out with for a Day?

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just one day? hmmmm...... if i said:
diablo= wouldent survive the day
asmodan= get kicked out of the chinese buffet
cain=kill myself since diablo 1 he talks way too much

id have to say if there is an arcangel and a devle there would have to be a god so ill chill with him for the day :P
Everyone, be it a Fallen Shaman, Archangel, or cunning scoundrel, sometimes needs some time off from battling for Sanctuary's future. So, for our latest community question, we want to ask:

You get to hang out with one Diablo III character for a day. Who do you choose?

Leave a comment below to let us know, or head on over to our latest blog and find out more: [url="https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10273307"]https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/10273307[/url]

Cain.. oh, wait..
06/19/2013 06:37 PMPosted by Zyron
Kulle, not only did he come up w/ a awesome solution to mankinds eternal struggle, he could probably fix itemization in about 10 minutes.

Yeah he was a little power crazy but otherwise we just straight up murdered his !@# on a whim.
Also Maghda so I can !@#$% slap the dumbass butterfly that killed Cain.
The female DH. Then the female monk. Then the wizardess. Then the female WD. Then I would marry the female barbarian. That is all.
fallen maniac. because he is a blast to be with
Honestly, id pick the enchantress. she seems fun.
Jay Wilson from dev hell (Since he point himself in the game, I think it qualifies)

I'd ask him why he ruined our beloved franchise.
Treasure goblin... Finally get to venture into the magic portal, then kill and rob him.
There's this old guy that works at my favorite Chinese restaurant that pretty much is Covetous Shen, it's uncanny.

But otherwise I'd chill with Eirena the Enchantress.
The Enchantress
I would love to hang out with this guy named itemization. Is he around?
I would also love to hangout with this other dude called can we get a better update sticky than "what character would you like to hangout with"

What is going on around here?

update us on something useful.

Telling me what you ate for breakfast this morning is probably more exciting than this thread
Diablo take his skills from him in a poker game.
cydea because we can work things out I know we can
I'm torn between female wiz and female demon hunter. Maybe both.
Leah looks hot and innocent but a devil woman in disguise.

Her mom's a !@#$ too, I wonder what happen to her.
Maybe if you would not be so butthurt you could see the point of this thread.

Shen is definitly my choice.

but ofc, female wizards for a night of fun.
I'd love to hang out with Auriel and a certain Fallen Hound at BlizzCon!

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